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The Atomic Bomb

No description

Samantha Moriarty

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The Atomic Bomb

American Values
The dropping of the atomic bomb is justified by the fact that the United States did not choose to fight in WWII. Japan dragged the US into it by bombing Pearl Harbor
Unconditional Surrender:

Roosevelt believed that this war was a struggle between good and evil and no compromise should ever be made with evil.
Japanese will not give up
A total of 1,010 bomber planes used dropping 3,100 tons of bombs. Over 100,000 Germans died in one day.
Option 3: Dropping the Atomic Bomb
Pearl Harbor:

The American Military Casualties
Using our atomic bomb is the
way to end the war quickly to save hundreds of thousands of American lives!
"We can propose no technical demonstration likely to bring an end to the war; we see no acceptable alternative to direct military use"
In the first 6 hours, 100,000 people died, 15 square miles burned down. Kept bombing until the U.S. ran out of bombs yet the Japanese continued fighting.
Dangers of the Japanese
The Japanese have a brutal history of aggression

against not only the people of America, but people all around the world. They have done nothing to deserve our sympathy.

They will fight until they are decimated.

Every day the war continues, thousands more Americans are suffering and dying at the hands of the Japanese.


Using our atomic bombs will save many times more lives that than it will take.
July 1945- Over ONE MILLION casualties
POW- treated mercilessly even after surrendering
Relentless-women/children armed/mass suicide
Okinawa- 12,500 Soldiers dead
The Rape of Nanking
From December 1937 to March 1938
POWs and men suspected of being Chinese soldiers in civilian clothes were marched by Japanese soldiers to execution sites and gunned down
Women were gang-raped in front of their families
streets were filled with rotting corpses
Japanese soldiers pulled carts full of loot
children were casually murdered
Even swastika-wearing Nazis set up safety zones for Chinese
The Women
One girl was raped 37 times
women were gang-raped in front of their families
By the end of December,
20,000 cases
of rape had been reported.
Some Japanese soldiers raped pregnant women, killed them, cut the fetuses out of their bodies and then had their picture taken with the fetuses. Some young Chinese women disguised themselves as elderly women to escape being raped.
We need a quick ending to the war, not only to avoid mainland invasion, but...

to save American lives
stop the involvement of Stalin
and the Soviet Union

The Children
A soldier that ate the flesh of a young Chinese boy said, "It was the only time, and not so much meat."
Young children cut open and raped
Unborn fetuses ripped from mothers womb and killed and used as props
The Men and POW's
One Chinese man later said he was lined up on December 14, 1937 with 300 people mowed down by machines gun
Chinese men forced to work for Japanese and then executed after work was done
The Bataan Death March
-Report to Interim Committee
The Bataan Death March began on April 10, 1942, when the Japanese assembled about 78,000 prisoners
POWs who could not continue or keep up with the pace were summarily executed.
Even stopping to relieve oneself could bring death, so many chose to continue walking while relieving themselves.
Some enemy soldiers savagely toyed with POWs by dragging them behind trucks with a rope around the neck.

Pearl Harbor
Our choice is better because...

If we allow the Japanese to keep their emperor, (like the first option suggests) we revoke our
of unconditional surrender and they still may not surrender.
The Japanese got their warning in the Potsdam Declaration. Dropping a "warning bomb" (like the second option suggests) just wastes time,
raises casualties
, and, again, may not even lead to Japanese surrender.
The Power of the Atomic Bomb
American death tolls:
407,000 military casualties
131,028,000 of the total population
"The Japanese government has deliberately sought to decieve the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace..." -FDR
On June 18 a conference adopted "The Fundamental Policy to Be Followed Henceforth in the Conduct of War" in which they pledged to "prosecute the war to the bitter end" and they would not give up
Neutrality violated
Declared War
Quote from American imprisoned by Japanese:
"I am surrounded by bodies, vomit, and mostly death. I know my life will be coming to an end and there seems to be no way out of this." (May 1945)
One bomb. One plane. Same Damage.
The Possibility of Surrender
"I know the Japanese intimately,. the japanese will not crack. they will not crack morally or psychologically or economically, even when eventual defeat stares them in the face...
only by utter physical destruction or utter exhaustion can they be defeated...that is what we are up against in fighting Japan
-Joseph Grew (U.S Ambassador to Japan)
Because of the Code of Bushido the Japanese would rather die than surrender because surrender meant dishonor and breaking the bonds to the emperor. If the US keeps fighting the Japanese through invasions and shelling it would result in a higher loss of lives and suffering.
Emerging Problems with the Soviet Union
Soviet Union entering the war with Japan would lead to the spread of Communism. In Western Europe, the Soviet Union created puppets of Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia and forced Communism onto them.
Rape of Nanking
200,000 Chinese raped, torchered, and killed
Japanese government told it's people to defend the islands of Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa at all costs or they would face torture by American soldiers
Photo taken in Okinawa of a civilian jumping to their death
U.S casualties estimated casualties if Japan mailand was invaded:
Potsdam Declaration:

We are giving the Japanese more warning than the US got for Pearl Harbor.
"The full application of our military power, backed by our resolve, will mean the inevitable and complete destruction of the Japanese armed forces and just as inevitaly the utter devastation of the Japanese homeland."
Japanese has the chance to surrender
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