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One Direction

No description

Ana Carolina Freire

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction
Who not know One Direction?
One Direction is a biritish boyband formed in The X Factor (a reality show from Uk), the members of One Direction are Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.
Members Of 1D
How we see in the begin the members of One Direction are Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam.
Now we go see the history of this guys.
The X Factor
Own, this is the begin boys,
this bis the begin...
When, our heroes stay together, when we think "this boys will win this progam", but it's not hapenned they stay in 3rd.
Diaries Videos
Harry Styles
Harry is the younger of the group. Your full name is Harry Edward Styles, 19, he's born at 1, February, 1994. Harry has a older sister, her name is Gemma and your mother by coincidence is Anne, Anne Cox. Harry has a big problem in your tennage, her parentes parted, this happened when he has 7 years old, but this children don't stay badly, of course, he stay sad but don't " Omg, my parentes parted now i go die!", so Harry begin do teatre and sing, he has a band call White Eskimos (was Harry who choose the name of the band). Well in her tennager he was very handsome (sqn), you know Harry is quiet, but is not idiot only quiet.
Everybody knows Harry Styles how doll of the midia, but i belive in old Harry, in that, that before The X-Factor. Okay, now get talk about happy things how the city of Harry, Chesire, England. This a beautiful area, with villages in one of that villages Harry grown up, in Holmes Chapel, how he saw there didn't have animation. But he grown up near the farms and nature. I'm lovely for nature i want grown near, but, i'm conformed.
Zayn Malik
Ahh, one minute for silence. Zayn Malik, is the badboy of the One Direction, but this is only style. Zayn is muslim, When we think in muslim we think in Osama Binladen and Al Quaeda, but is not happened Zayn grown up in Bradford, England. Her full name is Zayn Malik, 20, he born at 12, January, 1993. Her mom call Patricia and your nickname is Tricia and her father is Yaser. Her family is very small, only has 3 sisters, 5 aunts, 2 uncles and over 20 cousins. Uau, he has an big family. Zayn is very sensitive and this with your beauty, do Zayn the perfect boyfriend.
Well, he doesn't any handsome face, he is very intelectual and was a exemplar student, and your tennage had problems, Zayn is muslim, in another words, he sofreu bullying.
Like Harry, Zayn begin do teatre
and sing, after this he's very
vain and when he kiss for the
first time, he think" I have do it ",
her first kiss happened when he
has 8 or 9 years old. When he
grown up he has her first love,
was Megan Fox, because
Transformer's movie. And her first
love was when he has 15, and after
dated only 3 girls, Zayn had 3
preferences: He like girls with humor
and personnality. For him this is
most important than apparency.
Louis Tomlinson
Who is Louis Tomlinson? Ah, Louis in the begin of the reality wasn't meet, but nowadays he has many fans. He was born in a family only has woman, because he has 4 sisters: Phoebe, Daisy, Felicité and Charlotte. Lol has 2i years old, he is the older of the band, ans he talks very much. When he has 8 years old, he wanted be a Power Ranger, if he don't got be a singer he will be a actor, because Louis is a great actor. In your tennage he has a band called The Rouges (this name is best than White Eskimos) in true he don't know singing, so how everybody daw that him was wonderfull sinsing he decided go to The X-Factor and nowadays he is the member of One Diretion
It's Time Of The Music!
After over The X-factor, they were called to reunion with Simon Cowell, Simon, told for them " you guys have to have fun along the way. Will earn a lot of money but will have to enjoy every moment", when Simon saw this the boys begin cry and it's only begin...
Niall Horan
Well, what i can tell about Niall? Niall still is a children, he's irish boy, and leave in the midlle of the Mullingar, Ireland, well Niall moved on of the midlle when he has 3 ou 4 yars old, and a little time after her parents parted, like Harry he don't' stay bad with the parted of her parentes, he was very younger for this. But he had a good child, like everybody he has problems with her brother Greg, he fought with Greg with a ping pongs raquet her brother was to hospital because this. But you know the brother's love is fucking. Anothers remembers of her infancia, about the school he like geography and french, he didn't like english and matemhatics. Niall remembers too of the a friend (Nick) Nick let a fart in the classroom and Niall only turned friend of him because this. This is Niall awayas have fun. Once time her teacher Ms. Caulfield saw that he have a good voice, that he has talent, her tia saw too that once time they were to a travel by car, and he begin a sing and she listen, she think that was a radio.
So he get come in the coral of the city. Niall give her first kiss when he has 11, in a frenchwoaman . After he has more loves, with J-Lo, and he has too a girlfriend, but didn't have lucky.
Liam Payne
Liam James Payne borned dead, he don't have a pulman, her birth, didn't is nothing normal, but he don't give up. And nowadays is the warrior. So because this problem he has a health life than of anothers person, Liam has 20, born in Wolverhampton. This guy was a very bad in the school, he always was in the principal classroom, but in the class, he turned a nerd. Liam found her talent in Karoke, when he had 5 years old, he sing "Let me Entertain You" Robbie's Williams music. And after begin her interest for music. In 2008 he was to The X- Factor, her friends cursed him of this, he got go to the Judge's house but don't got go to Bootcamp. How a told in the begin he don't give up for this he was again to The X- Factor in 2010 ( how i love you Liam for don't got go to Bootcamp <3), because this nowaday he is the member of One Direction
Up All Night Turne
The Up All Night is the first cd of One Direction, this Cd d a big sucess.
Take Me Home
Take Me Home
I still don't see the movie, but, i've heard about him, and they were shoot for 10 weeks.
The Movie Of One Direction
Our Moment
Thenk you guys for attention!!!
By Aninha :)
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