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GOTRcolumbia Returning Coaches' Online Training

No description

Kendra Neely

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of GOTRcolumbia Returning Coaches' Online Training

Girls will be self-motivated when their 3 basic psychological needs are met:
Competence (skill-building)
Relatedness (community)
Autonomy (freedom of choice)
Self-determined behaviors lead to:
Better learning
More interest
Greater effort
Higher self-esteem
Increased life satisfaction
Enhanced health
Participating out of enjoyment, not for external reasons, is associated with increased persistence and performance.
How does this
all happen?
Aspects of a Relatedness Supportive Environment:
A sense of belonging to others
Aspects of a Competence Supportive Environment:
Focus on skill-building
Aspects of an Autonomy Supportive Environment:
Freedom of choice
Whether we are 8 or 80, we build confidence by:
attempting hard things
taking meaningful risks
leaving our comfort zone
This is why the girls in our program prepare for and complete a 5k—whether they run, walk, roll or skip across the finish line.
Moderate to vigorous physical activity is a healthy coping mechanism that promotes life-long physical and emotional health.
Running and walking are accessible activities for many people across different walks of life, age, skill level, etc.
What can coaches do to create an environment where this can happen?
So, why run?
GOTRcolumbia Spring 2015 Survey and Site Liaison Tips
What are we trying
to do here?

Girls on the Run mission:
We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Offer choice
Minimize pressure
Allow participants to participate in decisions
Tell them why we're asking them to do something
Allow participants to come up with solutions
Provide positive constructive feedback
Believe in participant's abilities
Acknowledge participant's improvements
Give participants the confidence to overcome challenges
Acknowledge feelings
Enjoy spending time with their team
Show that they're listening
Ensure participants know they like them
Inside Freedom of Choice
Inside skill-building
Inside a sense of belonging
Encourage personal goal-setting
"What is your goal for today?"
"What was your goal last practice?"
"Are you putting forth the effort needed to be able to reach your goal?"
Encourage personal choice
"Would you like to alternate running and walking laps?"
"Would you like to run the long sides and walk the short sides of our lap?"
"How can you challenge yourself to do the best you can today?"
Help girls develop a long-term plan that makes sense for them.
Figure out on average how many running/walking laps she should plan to add to her goal each week to complete a 5k by the practice 5k lesson.
If a girl thinks she can run 1/2 lap today, you might point out that adding 1/2 lap each practice will mean she can run 10 laps by the end of the season.
"I believe you'll be able to achieve your goal as you follow through with your plan."
"You're doing a great job pacing yourself today!"
Connect with each girl; learn everyone's name early in the season
Join in, model that physical activity and being a part of the team are fun!
Facilitate interaction across cliques
Acknowledge what girls are sharing
Address any negative interactions or behaviors!
Behavior that is not corrected will continue
If someone feels hurt in a group setting and it is not addressed, they will not feel safe in the group
New to 2014-15:
Goal Sheets
On the back of the Identity Card you’ll see what’s called “My Goals”
Girls use it to track their personal lap goals and accomplishments.
Encourage girls to gradually increase goals throughout the season
Focus is on personal effort and improvement, no comparison across girls
Help the girls understand that a goal is something you strive for – you may not always reach it the first time – just keep trying

Identity Cards
This tool is used throughout the season for processing and creating a visual history of each girl’s experience at GOTR.

Add ONE picture, word or phrase
Give a set time frame 2-3 minutes
Allow girls to share with the person next to them
As a coach, sometimes it's hard to get everything done in 1.5 hours.
Set yourself up for success
Plan out what time (i.e. 2:45) you need to transition from each activity based on how long you think it will take.
Have materials organized and ready, and only take what you need.
Summarize the curriculum when wordy:
Look at the learning goals or objectives for each lesson! Then, choose 3 main points for each activity that you want to be sure to include; write those points on a post-in note in your curriculum.

Getting back on track during the lesson
Don’t do every example provided
Don’t ask every processing question
Allow fewer girls to answer each question:
"I'd love to run a lap with you during our workout to hear your story."
"Let's hear more about that later."
Keep things moving, redirect as needed:
"We're not talking about that right now."

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Policy
Tips for Reporting:
Make the report as soon as possible.
DO NOT wait for proof.
Your suspicion of child abuse or neglect is enough to make a report. You are not required to provide proof.
SC law protects individuals who make good faith reports of child abuse.
Your decision to report must be done with reasonable belief in “good faith” and “without malice.”
DO NOT try to investigate yourself or excessively question the child.
Notify council director immediately.
If you are employed at the location where you coach, follow facility procedures AND notify Council Director.
Protect Yourself
NEVER be alone with a child.
Do not allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form.
Don’t initiate physical contact – every child has different comfort levels.
We recommend high-5's:
Kendra is not comfortable with this hug.. she loves this hi-5
Late Guardian Policy
Guardians are expected to pick up their child from GOTR lessons within 10 minutes of the close of session.
1st occurrence – verbal reminder
2nd occurrence – verbal reminder & written email or note acknowledging the policy
3rd occurrence – participant will no longer be allowed to participate in GOTR

We recommend you communicate this expectation very clearly at the beginning of the season at your parent meeting and/or in your welcome letter.
Parental/guardian concerns with this policy should be directed to the Council Director.
The coach should notify the Council Director before making a final decision.

No more than 4 absences are allowed
Remind parents of the policy after girl misses first two practices
Remind parents after 3rd missed practice
It’s always a good idea to call or email the parent if a girl misses practice without informing you

We recommend you communicate this expectation very clearly at the beginning of the season at your parent meeting and/or in your welcome letter.
Parental/guardian concerns with this policy should be directed to the Council Director.
The coach should notify the Council Director before making a final decision.

Absentee Policy
Transportation Policy
GOTR volunteers are NOT to transport any participant (outside of immediate family) in a vehicle when operating in the capacity of a volunteer.
If a participant will be picked up by someone OTHER than a legal guardian, the guardian must provide advance notice and written permission.
Transportation permission slips examples provided on coaches' corner www.GOTRcolumbia.org/get-involved/coach

Substitute Coaches
Council Director must be notified if any situation will leave fewer than 2 coaches present.
Coaches should never supply their own substitutes without prior discussion with the council staff.

Inclusion Policy
Girls on the Run is an inclusive program where the dignity of every participant is respected and all youth are safe.

All coaches will support all youth with fair and equal treatment, without bias and in a professional and confidential manner.
If a girl has a disability and requires assistance or additional care, parents/caregivers are encouraged to serve as volunteers on the team in which their daughter participates, to guarantee adequate oversight and assistance for the participant.
Girls on the Run of Columbia will provide assistance as possible.
If a child identifies as a girl, and the parents identify the child as a girl, then the child is welcome to participate in Girls on the Run.

Spring 2015
In Fall 2014 we stream-lined our scholarship process:
Scholarship questions are included in online registration and on the paper registration form.
online registration
will determine scholarship eligibility
based on household size and annual income.
If a family wants to know whether they will qualify for a scholarship BEFORE completing the form, they must contact GOTR and provide their annual income & number of people in household.
If a family does not qualify for a scholarship based on income but has extenuating circumstances, they must complete a separate scholarship application.

Late Registration Fee
$10 will be charged to families that register their child online or by paper February 2nd or later.
The late registration fee will cut down on confusion created by late registrants that can result in:
Confusion about who should be at practice
Children being left unattended at school
Parents not receiving important information about practice on time
Breaches in insurance coverage
If your team is accepting paper registrations:
Let families know their fee will increase by $10 if you receive it February 2nd or later.
Record date received on all forms.

Spring 2015 Important Dates
January 8 or 11- Returning Coach/Site Liaison Meeting
All are welcome, site liaisons are required to attend.
January 10 or 24- New Coaches’ Training
January 5- Coaches’ daughter registration starts
January 12- Open registration starts
February 2- Start of $10 late registration fee
February 9- Season begins
February 20- Last day to register!
March 22 or 25- Mid-season Meeting
May 2- GOTR End-of-Season 5k!
Congratulations, you've completed GOTRcolumbia returning coaches' online presentation!

To complete your training, complete the 6 question quiz through the link in your email or on coaches' corner.
Running allows girls to experience the joy that overcoming a challenge and improving a skill builds.
It facilitates the joy of community, as girls learn to encourage and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

What about girls who aren't motivated to be physically active?
What can I do to help my team listen to each other and coaches during practice?
That's Deep
When the best leader's work is done the people say, "We did it ourselves." -Lao Tzu
Allowing the girls to decide may mean sacrificing efficiency for greater long-term impact. When a girl chooses something for herself, it becomes a part of who she is for the rest of her life.
That's Deep
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
-Lao Tzu
Motivation may not happen in a single practice or even a single season for all of your girls.
Set an expectation of respect and listening in lesson 1 when your team creates their rules.
The girls will most likely set this one on their own, based on their experience of setting classroom rules.
Refer back to this expectation you agreed to as a team when needed; don't wait until it's out of control.
Recognize and thank girls who are listening well
It's normal for girls this age to get distracted!
Call & response is a fun and positive way to draw their attention back to you.
For example:
Girls on the Run.. is so much fun!
Girls on Track.. we've got your back!
Hocus pocus.. let's focus!
Clap a rhythm for your team to repeat.
Use call and response
Site Liaisons
Site liaisons will have NEW roles & responsibilities beginning this spring.
They will be provided log-in information to access their team's rosters online.
Now your team will have access to real-time, updated information! You'll be able to immediately see who is registered.
The person designated as site liaison must download the roster & health info -- GOTR will no longer email it to you.
Site Liaisons will receive training on our online database at the Returning Coach Meeting.
What do I do if a student discloses abuse to me?
Supporting Athletes' Needs

University of Ottawa, Canada
Our mission doesn't seem to be all about running.. why not?

Our mission is not to teach girls to be runners. It is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident. Ultimately, we want all girls to recognize that they are the leaders of their lives.
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