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Writing a Personal Narrative by Kerry Keith

No description

Kerry Keith

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Writing a Personal Narrative by Kerry Keith

Writing a Personal Narrative
Begin by Carefully Reading the Prompt.

Here is a sample:

Think carefully about the following statement:

"Sometimes we learn more by what a person does than by what a person says."

Write about a time when another person's example influenced your behavior. Be sure to write in detail about the example you observed and how it affected your actions.
Brainstorm some ideas during prewriting. Reread the prompt when thinking of ideas.
Begin you're personal story
with a HOOK!
Try to write a personal story that is not only important to you, but also will be important to the reader.

A story that is heartfelt and emotional to the writer, will probably be felt by the reader as well.
Choose the words in the body of your story wisely.
Be Careful! Once you have finished your story, your paper is not completely finished.
Try and think of at least three very good examples that address the prompt.

When brainstorming and prewriting, choose the example that you think is the strongest.
A HOOK is an introduction that immediately captures the audience's attention.

Your personal narrative should begin with a BANG!

Try starting your story right in the middle of the action, or in the middle of a conversation.

This will pull the reader into your story and have them wanting to read more.
You must address the second and final part of the prompt.
If you do not address the extension part of the prompt, you will not receive a passing grade.
Look back at the last line of the prompt:
"and how it affected your actions"
You must address this part of the prompt if you wish to write a successful narrative paper.
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