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on 12 February 2013

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DARK DOG MOTO TOUR PROPOSAL for 2013 1. What is the Dark Dog Moto Tour ? 2. Feedback of 2012 edition ? 3. Proposal for 2013 A French energy drink Implicated into Music Sports Power sports 300 000 visitors The world looonnngeest 2 wheels road race dedicated to amateurs Throughout France 3 600 km open to Motorcycles Sidecars 3 wheelers 125 cc open roads and circuits The main non professional event dedicated to motorcycling in France (created in 2002) What have we done ? Support 2 dealers by offering a special discount on 2 Spyder Work with our PR Agency to promote the 2 Spyder drivers Advertise into the official program A mix of regularity
and timed legs 220 competitors Famous Motorcycle Sponsors + What are the results ? Exhibit Spyder on the first weekend at the starting village One of the Can-Am Spyder won the 3 wheels category Several articles on web sites and blogs Positive Negative as a low level of investment never brought high returns Very positive feed back of spectators, competitors and Spyder drivers Same time of Paris Car Show
No TV broadcast as expected
Low involvement of lifestyle journalists
No one at BRP to follow the race and work with journalists Poor press coverage No negative impacts but results below our expectations Lack of support from BRP Feedback of drivers WHY HOW MUCH ? Actively participate and engage in the DDMT If we want to leverage the event we need a better
preparation and a higher commitment Good results are achievable Target specialized press Plenty of communication opportunities Another customer focus Regional media opportunities for dealers Demonstrate to the 300 000 spectators Spyder's KSP It's innovative ! New business opportunities Reinforce the community HOW Creating the
Can-Am Spyder Team 1 VIP 1 journalist 1 winner Creating a unique
Spyder community event Equivalent of a Raid Can-Am for on-road customers An alternative to the peaceful Spyder Riders days A real on-road safe adventure Be the event

Find partnerships and co brandings

Make people
talk about it VIP
chosen from our acquaintances. Journalist either vertical or horizontal press To be defined according to our target messages 1 Winner from a Spyder sweepstake into dealership Organize accommodation, meals, assistance, maintenance, clothes ... Define with dealers 3 tuning kits to upgrade owners' Spyder Dedicated to the other part of our customers Invite Spyder owners A dealer motivation tool PAC business for dealers and BRP Increase brand awareness Leads collection on site, trials and sales An event dedicated to motor sports enthusiasts [see the success of the track experience @ Celebration 2012] Reassuring perspective : I'm part of the motorcycle community ! Workshop opportunities Local involvement and local returns Positive emulation : dealer contest for a free inscription ? Increase loyalty PAC business opportunities = PAC kits , maintenance, preparation Unique brand involvement National (into dealership) sweepstake = dragging customers to dealerships Efficient and targeted leads collection Generate Social Media content / Testimonials Enroll a Can-Am Team built with partners and co-brandings, enable our customers to participate in the event and make talk about it ! WHEN WHO Marketing teams (ED & FR) Ketchum PR Agency Dark Dog Moto Tour organization Potential partners
Dealers Starting now discussions with the organization Next DDMT from the 28th of September to the 6th of October Starting now discussions with potential partners PAC demo truck : 6k€ Assistance : 18k€ Customers transport : 2k€ Clothes : 9k€ Staff accommodation : 3k€ Logistics : 4k€ Total : 47k€ maximum Public at large and families One press test conducted by the dealer (to be pushed with others media) Spyder proved to be competitive Real time demonstration of Spyder's qualities : impossible to contest Start now to pack a new Can-Am Spyder event Involve Press, VIP and Customers differently = Live the Spyder Experience New Spyder Event, not another episode of an already-known event (it's BRP) Spyder is the only topic to talk about ! (through trials for spectators) (sponsoring IXON?) 15 to 20 Spyder Drivers
Around 2800€ participation fees adjustable according to costs Communication costs : 7k€ Cost Revenues
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