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2013 Open Houses Research Triangle High School General Information

Research Triangle High School is a STEM focus and liberal arts charter high school in Research Triangle Park, NC. RTHS opened in August 2012 with its first 9th grade class.

Pamela Blizzard

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Open Houses Research Triangle High School General Information

Research Triangle
High School The mission of Research Triangle High School is to increase access to globally competitive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education for students and teachers across North Carolina, by incubating, proving and scaling innovative models of teaching and learning. Our goal is to graduate young people prepared for college-level studies, and able to demonstrate the 21st century skills that Research Triangle Park (RTP) companies seek. Our students:

Use study hall time to complete homework
Meet with tutors outside of class
Take extra instruction in AP Bio or AP World Civ
Engage with hands-on material & apply what they've learned
Collaborate on group projects daily
Ask questions & show curiosity
Actively commit to 90 minutes of daily homework
Accept extra help when under grade student success faculty Representative of the broad spectrum of residents in the greater Triangle
RTHS is currently 45% African American, 41% Caucasian and 14% Asian, Latino and multi-racial
144 9th graders will rise to the 2013-2014 10th grade
105 openings are planned for new 9th graders
Students have come to RTHS from 53 middle schools across 5 counties

Ready – or have the desire – to achieve in a STEM school
Math I ready
Math I - ‘able’
Math II ready student population The US ranks 31st in math and 23rd in science out of 65 most industrialized countries;
Better paying jobs, totaling 285,000, have gone to countries such as Singapore and India, since the recession began in 2007-08;
NC is among the lowest in successfully graduating its young people (43rd out of 50 states); we are now 49th in per student spending;
More than 20,000 students drop out of NC schools annually;
If the graduation rate for males increased by only 5%, NC would realize $151.9 billion in savings related to crime, $80.9 billion in additional earnings by those men, and $232.8 billion in overall benefits to the state economy. the need for improved STEM education in the US Math
Projects in applied math
Airport runway design
Counter Culture Coffee worldwide purchasing
Industry tutors Engineering
FIRST Robotics Team
NetApp, Liquidia, IBM
Wake & Durham Tech online courses
Lunch with an Entrepreneur Technology
Laptop or tablet
Learning Management System = Moodle
Computer Geek Club
FIRST Robotics Team Science
RTP scientists & their development work integrated into our curriculum
Syngenta & Novozymes
Lunch with a Scientist
Summer Lab Experience at UNC Increase students' experience of & engagement with real science A catalyst for transforming science education in NC, using innovative models of teaching and learning to
inspire students and teachers statewide to embrace
science, technology, engineering & math. Biotechnology – Genetically Modified Organisms: Bt Corn (Syngenta Biotechnology)

Biology – Cell Structure & Function in Cystic Fibrosis (Inspire Pharmaceuticals)

Statistics/AFM – Risk Science – A Public Health Study (Constella Group/SRA International)

Physics – Powder Physics & Biomechanical Engineering: A New Kind of Asthma Inhaler (Oriel Therapeutics)

Chemistry – Drug Design: Targeting Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors (Targacept) Digital & Experiential Acceleration & Differentiation STEM Professionals
Outreach & Replication Strong balance between STEM & Liberal Arts
Digital program extends to all disciplines
Arts courses are offered by talented, practicing experts
World Languages

Strong athletics commitment
NCHSAA members 2013+
RTP athletic facilities
Athletic Director on staff already

College counselor will join staff 2013

Clubs today include
Student Government Association
Debate Team & Yearbook
NC FIRST Robotics Team
Drama & Theatrical productions
Spanish Club well-rounded students Darrell Allison
President, Parents for Educational Freedom in NC
Rich Cohn, Ph.D.
Principal, SRA International
Martinette Horner
Distinguished Educator, UNC School of Education
John Kerr
President, York Properties, Commercial
Karen Ondrick
Community Relations, Lenovo USA
Mike McBrierty
Public Affairs, Biogen Idec
Jerry McCrain, Ph.D.
VP, Atkins Global
Craig Nygard
Senior Technical Staff, IBM
Caroline Rockafellow
Lead Counsel, Syngenta Biotechnology Inc.
Thomas K. Vaidhyan
CEO, Aten Intelligent Educational Systems, Inc. Eric Grunden
Chief School Officer
Pamela Blizzard
Managing Director, External Engagement
Amanda Marvelle, Ph.D.
Digital Media Director & Biology Instructor
Daniel Eckert
IT Director
Alex Drake
Athletic Director
Tammy Darden
Exceptional Children Services
Mila Presutti
Office Manager board of directors administrative
staff a new model for education Research Triangle
High School What's different about RTHS?

Charter 2.0 = Incubating & Outreach

Facility = Innovative Layout keep in touch 9th Grade
Biology, Math I & II, English 9, World Civilization
Spanish 1 & 2
Drama, Music Creation, Visual Arts

10th Grade
Chemistry, Math II & III, English 10, Civics & Economics, Spanish
Advanced Drama, Music, Visual Arts
NCVPS Languages for independent students

Upper Grades
AP courses & Electives developed by faculty in their specialities
NCVPS and/or Wake & Durham Tech IT, Engineering, CS programming courses S



M website: www.researchtrianglehighschool.org application process The application will be available to download from the school website Jan. 25. Time frame to apply: Jan. 25 to Feb. 15

Complete the 2-page application and mail it to the school's P.O. Box address, postmarked by Feb. 15.

Thurs., Feb 28, 5:00 pm corporate sponsors RTHS is very grateful to the foundations, corporations, institutions and individuals that have supported the development and outreach of RTHS: brief overview of CSC brief history of how school came to be...
graphic of paper plan + school + school and students/staff a toolbox for learning course offerings Go Raptors! cience echnology ngineering athematics NetApp, Liquidia Technologies, IBM, Novozymes,
The Hamner Institute, Lenovo, Cisco, TimeWarnerCable,
UNC School of Medicine, First Flight Venture Center 420 students grades 9-12 in 2015
Enrolling 105 9th graders for 2013
Admitting most students Math I & Math II
Very limited space in higher maths
Class sizes of 20-24 students per teacher
TTA offers 25-minute regional commuter buses; Carpooling also strongly used.
23 credits required to graduate from RTHS
4 Sciences - Bio, Chem, ES, Physics 4 History 4 English
4 Maths beginning with Math I or Math II 2 World Language 5 Electives

School day: 9:00 am to 3:55 pm
6 - 55 minute class periods
1 - Study Hall fast facts our students
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