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Cattle Depot

No description

aske cheong

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Cattle Depot

The Cattle Depot

Our Angle
Special community
Background Information
Also name as 'The Ex-Ma Tau Kok Animal Quarantine Depot'

Past: A slaughterhouse and quarantine base

Now: Arts Village for local artists relocated from the Oil Street Arts Village in North Point

Future: The Development Bureau (DEVB) define the Cattle Depot as The Cattle Depot Artist Village. They want to increase public accessibility, enjoyment and appreciation of the historic site

Government Regulations
According to the existing tenancy agreements, the Cattle Depot units are for
non-domestic purpose, but not limited to arts and cultural creation use
-LegCo Press, Wednesday, April 22, 2009
JOUR 2160 Broadcast Journalism I
Final Project Idea Present

Date: 2013.11.1
Student: Carain Yeung
Shirley Chan
Tiffany Ng
Aska Cheong
What is Cattle Depot
When it was constructed

1908- Finished construction

1994- rated as a Grade III historical building

Until mid- 1999 served as a slaughterhouse and quarantine base

2001- Renovation and conversion works took place, converted into an Artist Village

2009- The depot was confirmed a Grade II historic building¹ by the Antiquities Advisory Board

2009- Research on Future Development of Artists Village in Cattle Depot, published by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Who is related to it
Artist: There are existing 15 tenants in Cattle Depot, who are either individual artists or artistic organisations.

The Development Bureau (DEVB): It has assumed the ownership of the site with a view to revitalising Cattle Depot in the long run.

Public Citizens

The Cattle Depot is currently managed by the
Government Property Agency
. As the property is not equipped with fire safety installations, lighting, emergency access and hygiene facilities that meet the conditions under the Places of Public Entertainment licensing framework, the Cattle Deport
cannot be fully open to the public for staging large-scale activities

The Cattle Depot is finally be defined as
The Cattle Deport Artist Village(CDAV).
CDVA is now managed by the
Development Bureau
, but they are still doing research on its future development (e.g. let NGO to manage the Cattle Depot etc)
-Research on Future Development of Artist Village in Cattle Depot July 2009
The Development Bureau has commissioned the Hong Kong Arts Development Council to study the future development of the Cattle Depot.
At the beginning, the Cattle Depot was manage by the
Home Affairs Bureau
The Government Property Agency

When the
3 year
contract signed in 2001 came to the end, the tenancy were renewed in
3 month basis.
Government Policy
Can they help to promote art and preserves space for artist to develop
Definition of Art Village:

A space for artistic creation; and that there are interactions or mutual support among its inhabitants, the artists
Artist who moved into the CDAV in 2001
New artist who moved in after 2009
Onandon- Drama
1a space- Art exhibitions
Videotage- Asia Media Art Organisation
Zuni Icosahedron- Experimental art group
Scholars who are experts in cultural policy and art education
1 Ms.Yan Hui-ying
Assistant principal (Creative Arts) HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Work experience: Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Participated in the Cultural Policy Research
2 Dr. Leung Mee-ping
Professor of HKBU
Specialised in Cultural Studies
Painting, Installation Art, Multi-media Art

3 Dr. Ting Vivian
Material Culture Theories
Museum Studies
Art Curatorship

Government Officials
The Development Bureau
The Home Affairs Bureau
Form of tenancy
Approval Criteria
Number of Artists
Can an abandoned slaughter house make an old area artistic? Does it take only a renovation or more than that? The Cattle Depot Artistic Village Project in Tokwawan says it all.
Artist Village
Government response
Artists responses
Interior, Exterior
Workshops & Interviewees of artists
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