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Disney- Diversification strategy

No description

Midori Lambert

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Disney- Diversification strategy

Strategy Questions??? Strategies for entering new business Thank you! Disney-
Diversification Strategy over the Years By: Midori Lambert DISNEY'S BEGINNINGS "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse." - Walt Disney Famous Carton Characters that Branded Disney 1923- Walt Disney moved to Hollywood and founded Disney Brother's Studio with his older brother Roy.
1928- Walt Disney had created the character Mickey Mouse and created the first film incorporating synchronized sound with a cartoon.
Company Focus- Animation, Film, & Cartoon Licensing Agreements
Company Culture- Flat & Non-hierarchical Mickey Mouse 1928

Goofy 1935 Donald Duck 1935 Related Business Diversification In Conclusion... Disney uses: Strategic Fit Multibusiness Enterprise Acquisition of an Existing Business Joint Ventures -1937 Disney created the first full-length, full color animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
-1940- Disney went public to finance expansion strategy
-1946- Walt Disney Music Company- Control Disney's music copyrights and recruit famous artists
-1950-Disney's first TV special- "One Hour in Wonderland"
-1953- Buena Vista Distribution
-1955- Disneyland- Theme Park California
-1971- Walt Disney World- Theme Park Florida
-1987- Disney Store
-1989- Hollywood Records- Pop Music record label
-1990- Disney Press
-1991- Hyperion Books
-1996- Disney began selling products on the Internet
- Internal Development (Corporate Venturing) Disney purchased CAPS (computer animated production systems) for $30 million
July 1995- Disney purchased CapCities/ ABC for $19 Billion, their first programming distribution channel. Also the second largest acquisition in US history.
1999-Disney merged Internet assets with existing search engine Infoseek. 1976- Disney Tokyo- Wholly owned by Japanese partner, Disney received 10% of gate receipts and 5% of other sales.
1992- Euro Disney- Disney owned 49% & 51% of Euro Disney S.C.A shares were sold on various European Exchanges. Strategic Fit- "...exists when the value chains of different businesses present opportunities for cross-business resource transfer, lower costs through combining the performance of related value chain activities or resource sharing, cross-business use of a potent brand name, and cross-business collaboration to build stronger competitive capabilities," (Page 255). References Rukstad, Michael R., and David Collis. "The Walt
Disney Company: The Entertainment King."
Harvard Business School 035th ser. 9.701 (2009):
1-27. Print.
"The Walt Disney Company." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 21 Mar.
2013. Web. 16 Mar. 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Walt_Disney_Company>. -"Sharing other resources that support corresponding value chain activities of the businesses, such as relationships with suppliers or a dealer network," (Page 255). Disney's Use of Strategic Fit "Have a business portfolio consisting of several unrelated groups of related businesses" Strategies for entering new
business Strategies for entering new business 1928- From cartoon animation to sound synchronized to animation. 1937- Full Length feature films, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". 1954- Television presence to "Disneyland".
1953- Buena Vista Distribution- This creation ended a 16 year distribution contract with RKO. It eliminated distribution fees and saved one third of a film's gross revenues.
2009- Disney acquired Marvel Comics. Disney shared Marvel's characters (Spiderman, Iron Man, and Black Widow) with other Disney businesses (theme parks, retail stores, video games) -sharing or transferring specialized resources and capabilities.
-"...possesses competitively valuable cross-business value chain and resource matchups," (Page 254). Contents: -Disney's Beginnings & Characters that Branded Disney
-Strategies for Entering New Businesses:
-Acquisition of an existing business
-Internal Development (Corporate Venturing)
-Joint Ventures
-Related Business Diversification
-Strategic Fit
-Disney's use of Strategic Fit
-Multibusiness Enterprise
-Disney's Various Multibusiness Enterprises
-Conclusion Disney's Diversification Strategies would fall under "Related Diversification".
Disney manages to umbrella their different ventures to provide resources, capabilities, and financial gain to the overall benefit of the company. All three strategies for entering new businesses
Acquisition of an Existing Business
Internal Development (Corporate Venturing)
Joint Venture
Related Business Diversification
Strategic Fit
To maximize the benefit of each different business at the advantage of Walt Disney Company as a whole.
Multibusiness Enterprises
Disney's Various Multibusiness Enterprises Disney's Various Multibusiness Enterprises Disney–ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group Digital Media
Walt Disney Television
Disney-ABC Domestic Television - formerly Buena Vista Television
Disney-ABC International Television - formerly Buena Vista International Television
ABC Television Network
ABC News
A+E Networks
ABC Entertainment Group
ABC Entertainment
ABC Studios - formerly Touchstone Television & ABC Television Studios
Times Square Studios (division)
ABC Family
ABC Spark - with Corus Entertainment
ABC Owned Television Stations Group
Live Well Network
ABC National Television Sales
ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales[35]
Disney hannel Worldwide
Disney Cinemagic
Disney Junior
Disney XD
Radio Disney
Disney Television Animation
Hyperion Books
ABC Daytime Press
ESPN Books
ESPN Inc. (80%)
Walt Disney World
Disney Resorts
Disney Stores
Pixar Animation Studios
Marvel Entertainment
Lucas Films
Disney Paris
Euro Disney
Tokyo Disney Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Disney Vacation Club
Disney Cruise Line
Disney Consumer Products
Disney Music Group
Disney theatrical Group
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