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basic mulan plot line

Callie Rodriguez

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of mulan

Mulan lived in China a long, long time ago. The huns were trying to bust into China.. so the government decided it was time for a draft. Mulan wanted to be brave and useful to her family, so she signed up to go fight huns. The only problem was..
she wasn't a guy, and that was required for fighting. To resolve this issue, Mulan went anyway and just pretended she was a boy.. so that she could fight. AND FIGHT SHE DID! Until her commanding officer, who she had a weird semi-flirty relationship with, discovered she was a girl and kicked her out of the army. Mulan came back just in time to save the emperor though. Also, she got together with the commanding officer from before. And everyone lived happily every after!
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