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Electrolux Smart Home Market Plan


Jonathan Hasse

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Electrolux Smart Home Market Plan

G5 Electrolux Smart Home 2012 Situation Analysis Market Trends Remote Environment Near Environment The Smart Home Financial Goals Thank You! Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix Internal Analysis - Quick recovery from the financial crisis
- Optimistic about future Economic - Swedes care A LOT about their homes
- Trend: Environmentally friendly homes
- Growing demand for "smart" products
- Although some skepticism remains over the performance and durability of these smart products
- Preference for design and premium products Sociocultural - Intelligence technology has moved from computers into phones, TVs, and now home appliances
- Competitors team up with technology companies for artificial intelligence know-how Technological - Being a large manufacturer, Electrolux has a huge responsibility towards the environment
- Increasing demand for "greener" products
- The environmental impact from homes in Sweden has decreased over the past 20 years, partly due to technological evolution Environmental 2002 March Electrolux Consumer
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr - Acquire the technical know-how to develop and incorporate smart technology in appliances and to build software

- A wide range of Electrolux appliances need to be compatible with the Smart Home technology - Demand for environmental friendly homes
- Lack of housing in Sweden Political "We have for too many years built too few homes in Sweden. My job is to identify barriers and create conditions for increased housing construction." - Stefan Attefall (KD), Minister for Public Administration and Housing - World’s 2nd largest home appliance maker by revenue
- Present in 60 countries, and more than 150 markets with over 55,000 employees
- Revenue = SEK102.6 billion
- Produces vacuum cleaners, refrigerator, washing machines, ovens etc. for professionals and home consumers The Electrolux mission is to be the world leader in profitable marketing innovative product and service solutions to real problems, thereby making the personal and professional lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable. Marketing capabilities Strengths Weaknesses 5 Forces THREAT OF NEW COMPETITION
- High barriers to entry
- High investment capital needed
- High learning curve
- Economies of scale
- Customer loyalty and brand equity THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES
- Broad range of Substitutes
Several large companies that can partner with sofware companies (Miele & IBM) Opportunity
Statement The opportunity is to propose a solution that will reduce environmental impact, while making life easier and more comfortable for homeowners by collaborating with construction companies and hi-tech partners INTENSITY OF COMPETETIVE RIVALRY
-Innovation based
Competition through innovation is an important and dominant area that influences the way in which the industry moves and evolves BARGAINING POWER OF CONSUMERS
- Low Price Sensitivity (premium brand)
- Large consumer base (worldwide) BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS
- Low bargaining power
- Broad range of potential suppliers
- Low degree of input differentiation
- Low cost of switching supplier Non-marketing capabilities - Strong brand value
- Strong market position globally
- Advanced marketing tools
(innovation led)
- Brand equity in Swedish market - Mature industrial company with
large manufacturing capabilities
- Technological know-how... Making life easier - Lower level of B2B expertise, main focus directly on customer market
- Production based primarily in EU & NA, higher fixed costs compared to rivals based in Asia
- Sales focus on EU & NA
- Limited smart software technology Segmentation & Positioning Brand (category)
- High-end developers -- HSB, SBC, Riksbyggen, Skanska Brand have Favourable associations with extension product.

Estate Branding Objectives

- Maintain position as a company that leads in producing innovative design and consumer focused products
- Make brand synonymous with modern homes
- Transform the way in which property developers market new homes
- By 2015, 60% of premium property developments to include Electrolux SmartHome
- Consequently sell more of consumer appliances in association with SmartHome business contracts
-Profit within 6 years - High price/High product quality
- Skimming pricing strategy Price - Electrolux Smart Home takes Electrolux into the next phase of smart appliances

- Bridges the gap between home appliances and construction firms to build the worlds most energy efficient and comfortable homes Product - Concentrated marketing strategy
- Exclusive distribution Place Marketing Communication goals Promotion To be profitable within 6 years SmartHome Product development cost Product development time 10 million sek (0.5% of total R&D budget) Excellence: the smart appliances work better together.

Innovation: bring the concept of "the internet of things "

Sustainability:Energy saving: 20%

High life quality: taking control of our life. 1 year - Build awareness
- Develop brand loyalty Marketing communication Mix - Customized marketing strategy
- Event marketing
- Personal selling
- Marketing PR Estimated revenue per
Electrolux product 3500 sek Critical Success Factors Timeframe - Functional benefits (high quality products )

- Relationship benefits (environmental friendly image, brand value)

- Process benefits
(one supplier, good service) " " What can we provide? Which customer we choose? End customers People who reach out for excellence, take full control of their life, have more environmental consciousness. & - Environmental trends
- Technology Trends
- Design Trends
- Construction in Sweden
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