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Public Relations: Honest Career Advice

Presentation for JRN 556 (Elina Erzikova's class) on Nov. 18, 2014 and April 9, 2015

Rachel Esterline

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Public Relations: Honest Career Advice

Things you should know
before you look for a job
Finding your first job in PR
You're constantly building your reputation. How your boss and coworkers view you will affect your success.
It's not about sleazily handing out your business card or blindly connecting to others on LinkedIn...
Your first job offer
Work smart
Asking questions is great. Asking dumb questions ... not so great.
It's not always easy
The purpose of hiring you was to make your employer's job easier. Think of your boss as a client.
A single spelling/grammar error
Lack of experience (one internship is not enough)
Showcase only your best work
Reorganize your hard copy portfolio for each interview
Create an online portfolio
Purchase your own domain name
Connection + Continuous Relationship Building
What will you make?
Health insurance, vacation/flex time, professional development?
Many jobs are never posted publicly...
Hundreds of people will apply...
The interview leave-behind
Speaking clearly, concisely
Email professionalism
Phone calls/voicemail
Presentation skills
Pick your battles
Avoiding gossip/negativity
Professional Dress
Stay out of the "junior's" section
Hire a tailor
Avoid dry cleaning fees
How high is too high?
How low is too low?
Watch how other respected coworkers dress each day
Think for yourself
Don't ask:
"What should I do?"

Instead, explain the situation and propose a solution:
"I was thinking it would be best to ____________. What do you think?"
Add value
See if there are projects you can take on for your boss
Pay attention to how you take up your boss' time
Never make your boss look bad
Give them what they want
Does your boss prefer email or face-to-face updates?
Do they want to edit your work via MS Word or a printed copy?
Do they expect you to check in often, or only if there's a problem?
Running into problems?
Take extensive notes for assignments
File emails for later reference
Repeat the assignment details back to clarify and avoid issues
Ask about the details, such as format, deadlines, sources, etc.
Try to solve your own problems first
Public Relations
Create a profile statement that reflects the job description
Focus on measurable results rather than vague responsibilities
Put your education at the bottom
Use InDesign or Canva to create a cleaner, more organized resume
How to lose an interview:
Look at the people around you right now
Should you negotiate?
Do you have enough relevant experience to negotiate?
How can you ask for more (money, opportunities, etc.)?
They want you to come to work. Now what?
The Numbers
of employers are willing to negotiate salaries
will offer a flexible schedule
will grant more vacation
will let an employee telecommute at least once a week
will pay for a mobile phone.
Source: http://bit.ly/1bqtbTz
Quality of Work
Slow down, think it through
"Client ready"
Leave off:
Irrelevant involvements
Things from high school
Mentors versus sponsors
How to be the candidate who gets called back
Learn how to:
Position yourself as the candidate best for the job (even if you have less experience)
Create real connections by being authentic and honest
Be memorable
Don't be afraid to ask them tough questions, too
Send a thank you note ASAP
Is the job a good fit for you?
Visit First Impressions
In your first few months
Carry a small notepad everywhere
Don't be afraid to make "name notes"
Listen, observe and review
Arrange coffee dates with people
Try to understand the "why" behind things
Ask questions, but use your resources first
Don't assume coworkers are your friends
It's not all sunshine and rainbows
Difficult bosses
Horrible coworkers
Ethical dilemmas
Burning bridges
Leaving your job
Don't give notice until you've finalized the offer for your new one
Be respectful, no matter what
Ensure a smooth transition for your replacement
It's OK if you don't know how to do something...
Rachel Esterline Perkins
Associate director of PR and social media
University Communications
O: 989-774-2121
C: 989-330-1201
Every DAY
is an audition
Underpromise, over-deliver
Show up on time, even if your coworkers are late sometimes
Leave your phone in your purse or coat
Be present and stay off YouTube, Facebook, personal email, personal projects, etc.
Avoid gossip like it's ebola
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