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Oil Conflict Predictions

Humanities Oil Conflict Prediction

Kantinant Silapoosit

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Oil Conflict Predictions

Double click anywhere & add an idea 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2004 Febuary, 2004 China's Increase in Demand For Oil China's reliance on imported oil has cause them to testablish an unhealthy relationship with the expencive oil providers e.g Saudi Arabia and Russia. Although China is sitting on a large deposit of coal the government is trying to find alternative "Cleaner" sources of energy to fuel the country. although chine is aiming to establish a pipeline that runs to russia to prevent shipping costs and subsidies in the import June, 2004 The Undercover War for Oil Now countries are expand their pipelines across the globe for a oil rich destination countries like Japan, China, USA have expand to russia in hopes for a well-oiled future. We now start to see the map of what the future holds for these countries, Japan and China will now struggle for the oil in suberia while USA and China will be struggling for the oil in the middle east i.e. Afkanistan. It is now turning to be an all out war for the oil. But if a real war was broken out then the USA would have the most advantage with nuclear weapons and a large military force, but it was in this fear that someday a large oil company would spark a conflict leading into a disasterious war for oil. The USA's Oil Way September, 2004 Arguments are breaking out about the war on terrorism in Iraq since it seems like the US government does not care about the underdeveoping countries but they only invade and take over the rich oil areas. The USA is marking a stand anoucing to the whole world "DO NOT MESS WITH MY OIL" which is spreading across the world at an alarming rate, the impact on this would be that many oil companies now depend on the USA's action towards middle east and the government is happy to fund their economy. Figure 1: a list of imports and exports of oil by the USA Preferable Future Probable Future The End to the ERA of easy oil August, 2005 This is the time when people start to consider if there is a limit to the oil we can find, the world is now competing for oil and many and trying to find an alternative source of energy. many times have mankind faced difficulty but this is a rare event where the future rests on what we do today. under this consideration many oil companies raised their cost of oil which does great damage to the economy. August 2005 The Invisible War A war started in Sudan for reserves of oil in athe area however the government of the Europian Countries and the United States of Ameirca refuses to open the details of this "invisible war" to the public. many are under the influence of car advertisments and views of the greater and the richer which makes it even easier for the government to cover up the war. June, 2006 America and China's Grasp on the MiddleEast China's power over the middle east is makeing the USA worry about their Primary resource for oil. China has invested money into Iraq and Sudan for a large majority of their oil. these large quantities of oil is now covering over 15% of the total oilimported into Asia. China also provides help with contacts from the UN and a more stable economy and military force. A New Cold War?? August, 2006 A battle has begun with the USA and China fighting over the oil supplies in the middle east and Africa, China has needs to satisfy their people and will do anything including wage a war with the United States for the remaining oil left in these two of the oil richest countries in the world. conflict has borken out in one of the most deserted places in the world for the oil that runs deep below the ground. August,2007 Cold War A new cold war has begun with China and the USA now taking serious measures over the oil in countries like Africa and Middle east, China is now takening initives in buying oil from the middle east making it seem as legal as possible, while the UNA is now using arms and weapons as to seize control of a desert wasteland. The USA has gone far enough to set up a camp for the military in africa known as African Command (Africom). August 2007 Uganda and DR Congo have now signed an agreement on the destribution of oil in the oil feilds however conflict still break out between the two countries and war both sides protecting the oil they each have. Uganda and DR Congo Figure 2: A Catoon Dipicting the Rising cost of oil and it's impact on LEDC's Figure 3: The War for Africa Found: a new source of Oil October, 2007 The effects of Global Warming has melted some the ice in the Artic Circle, however this is good news to many countries. this is because the in the melted ice explorers found oil which was the feul for yet another conflict. Countries in the Area of the Artic circle Started an all out war for the land surrounding the Artic Circle and the melted ice. November, 2007 ASEAN's Oil Asian decided to find resources from Myanmar (which is run by the Junta and therefore been decline a place in the ASEAN). Since it is the current place with the most oil in the Asia, there are 19,000,000,000 cubic feet of reserves in Myanmar which is enough to supply the demands from China for a decade April, 2008 Pampering Myanmar Countries in the ASEAN are now trying to pamper Myanmar into giving them Myanmar's oil, China is now supporting Myanmar with their military while Thailand would offer financial support hoping to gain their favor. May 2008 Arctic War The United States of America and Russia is now claiming parts of the Artic as their own while the Un is trying to stop them, Russia and United States of America now claims that parts of the Artic belongs to them Carving the Artic May, 2008 Russia, Denmark, Canada, Norway and the USA, five powerful countries now carved up the Artic in hopefor their share of the oil. the five countries have signed a treaty in which they are offered a place in the Artic. The UN have concerns about how the Inuits have no say in this, however now the five countries hold property to beaches and shores of the Artic. July, 2008 1/5 of the World's Oil Sciencetist of the US have been led to believe that 1/5 of the world's untouch but usable oilnow rests in the artic circle. this provides motivation for the 5 countries competing for it September, 2008 1/4 of the World's Oil Now Scientists have concluded that 1/4 of the world's oil rests in the Glaciers of The Artic, This is Feuling the Fight between the 5 great countries turning it into a all out war fot the frozen Tundra. The 5 countries are now investing on Snow Equiptment and transport to scan the Artic all out and sending Claims and Requests to the UN January, 2009 Predictions Gone Wrong The price of oil is now almost at $200 per barrel which is causing the governments of each ountry to spend more funds in stabalizing the prices of oil cutting budgets for many other projects and damaging the stabality of the country Government Ignorance October 2009 The price of oil now has increased at a very fast rate, the world isnow plunging into chaos but the government is still holding firm in their decisions to continue using oil. they ignored the prices of oil and comments about global warming and continued with their projects. Oil Prices Increased we see that the future is still dependent on oil and the resources are slowly depleting, predicting that it would reach $400 per Barrel since supply and demand would conflict each other. Oil Consumption Increasing the consumption of oil will still incrase to an average of 118 million barrel per day this means that people will use more oil than save oil, hence the conflict of supply and demand The End It's finally here, today is the day where our most precious fuel is lost, what is out there in the world to use now is unknown but one thing is for certain. WE HAVE DEPLETED OUR FOSSIL FEUL, now we will need to wait for 1000+ years before the fossil feuls are avalible for us to use again since oil is a renewable resource. Alternative Energy by this year we would mostly likely want to see that humans have developed alternatives energy for oil such as solar power or nuclear fision Oil Regeneration Oil will regenerate to an extent and recover from the damage that humans have done on it. then we can also see that stoping deforestation also effects the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere stoping green house gass from building up. End of Deforestation The Deforestation of amazon stops and the world trees can now absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere back into the ground. this process happens in seasons and will take a large amount of time before the air is clean of CO2 again. Alternative Solution we will be forced into finding an alternative source of oil i.e. solid methane, or solar and wind power for our cars, materials like plastic would be changed with paper bags and hence creates more deforestation. the world temperature would also increase because of green house gas. Oil Spill in Mexico Burned The oil spill in mexico is burned creating green house gas into the atmosphere and creating global warming to a much larger extent, however the government dismiss the terms of global warming and ignores the requests from the environment Dependency The dependency on oil would decrease and finally we would no longer need oil for our various productions, this would include the facts that we would no longer depend on oil.instead we would be using an alternative energy source. i.e. solar or wind power, or use biofeul as an alternative to stall time for oil to regenerate. ACTIONS TAKEN FROM PROBABLE TO PERFERABLE Alternative Actions An alternative action would be to first to take actions in supporting the notion of solar and wind power which we are takeing actions towards, we see that the power can also harnessed slightly from oil but does not concern us depending oil, and if possible we sould stop deforestation as soon as possible since it would highy effect the CO2 in the atmosphere and change the CO2 back into pure Carbon where we can later harness it for oil in the future. Alternative Actions Actions can be taken for humans to be able to stop depending on fossil fuels giving them a chance to regenerate back to it's original state which can be seen from the oiligarchy game. sustainable energy sources like solar power or wind will become our primary fuels and humans have taken a step forward with that idea already we also see that in the probable future we will consume more oil and run out of oil in this year however in the preferable future we see that in the same year oil is regenerating at a slow but constant rate. Alternative Actions Changing from Probable into Preferble would take us more time and money because we see that in the probable future we are FORCED into changing our ways for the economy to be able to sustain the damage however later on in the year we see that the world is plung into chaos creating wars for this precious material. Also we see that in the Probable Future we have already run out of oil. Figure 4: the energy produced by each country Figure 5: Solar panels Third World War the world will break out into an all out war for the last remaining oil, powerful countries will use nukes as threats towards other countries to surrender their oil. This is refered to as the MAD (Mutual assured destruction) phenominal. and as a solution destroy the world as we know it... OIL CONFLICT PREDICTIONS by: Kantinant Silapoosit Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico April, 2010 An Oil Rig Explode in the gulf of Mexico causing oil to spill out into the open ocean, creating large amounts of pollution in the sea and damaging the marine wildlife in the area politicians are trying to find a solution to this problem. Oil spill we will first take action in cleaning up the oil spill but either filtration or titrasion and make sure that oil rigs are more safe so that accidents like this will not happen again. Figure 6: Oil Spill Alternative Actions in the future we will be seeing the concept of sustainablity come into play as we uncover the future bit by bit. the world as we know it is expand and the economy is also expanding, humans must find an alternative energy sources to replace the old one as in terms of sustainablility. we see this written in the other parts as to find alternative energy i.e. Solar and Wind power Natural Disasters Due to global warming the climate will change and create more Natural Calamities which will impact the basis of the human race. it is also predicted that there will be more floods and many countries that are below sea level will drown. causing major casualties and damage to the those countries. cities that should be careful would be i.e. New York, New Orleans.
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