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Paper Project Presentation

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Andrew Flanagan

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Paper Project Presentation

Relationship to Contemporary Politics
Racism and Minority Rights
Racism and Minority Rights
Racism and Minority Rights
Flint, Michigan- In a water treatment facility transition period, the city of Flint began using water from the nearby Flint River, instead of from Detroit.
Black Lives Matter- In response to numerous police officer incidents across the country, the African American Community united with the
Black Lives Matter
Donald Trump- If elected to office, Donald Trump vows to build a wall along the United States and Mexico border. Trump also has been outspoken against Syrian refugees and the Muslim community.

This is important because racism effects everyone. We are in a time where police violence, public water consumption, and the presidential election are all involved in the race issue. Even the Academy Awards were littered with a racial back-drop.

Tuesday, March 1 2016
Andrew Flanagan
Racism and Minority Rights in Politics
Connections to Philosophical Themes
Racism and Minority Rights
Paper Project Presentation
1. Structure of Proposed Paper
2. Content of Proposed Paper
Relationship to Contemporary Politics
3. Connection to Philosophical Themes
Kymlicka's Book
Values and Ideas
Anticipated Conclusion
5. Sources

What is racism?

What are minority rights?

How are these issues seen in political philosophy?

Which political philosophy attempts to solve these issues?
What political philosophy will neglect these issues?

How are these issues seen in today's current political atmosphere?

What values and ideas do these issues display?
Racism and Minority Rights
Works Cited
Kymlicka, Will. Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction. Oxford: Clarendon, 1990. Print.

ALEXANDER, MICHELLE. "Black Lives Shattered." Nation 302.9 (2016): 12-16. Academic Search
Complete. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.

Welch, Matt. "What Black Lives Matter And The Oregon Ranchers Have In Common." Reason 47.10 (2016):
2-4. Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.

SHAFER, CRECORY. "Confronting WHITENESS FLINT WATER CRISIS." Humanist 76.2 (2016): 22-26.
Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.

Contemporary Political Philosophy - Kymlicka
In my paper I plan to use the following political philosophies discussed in Kymlicka's book:
Liberalism- How can quality help fight racism?
Libertarianism- Private property and limited government
Citizenship Theory- Citizen rights
Multiculturalism- Marginalized groups will no longer accept 'unfair' treatment
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