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Gemma Doyle Trilogy

No description

Bobbi Minard

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Gemma Doyle Trilogy

A Great And Terrible Beauty Basically, Gemma Doyla starts out as a sixteen year-old girl back in Victorian age India. She's with her mother, going out to a socialite party for her sixteenth birthday. But BAM, fate has a different plan for her. [By Libba Bray] Her mother is "killed" in the streets at the appearance of two strange men. Gemma is then shipped off to Spence, a London boarding school, far away from her controlling--yet loving--brother and extremely depressed father. Gemma runs away from her mother, upset that she will not be able to visit England. She sees two Indian men approach her mother. Gemma faints, seeing her mother die moments before it actually happens. When she rouses, she sees her mother dead in the Indian streets. Her depressed father sends her to Spence, a boarding school located near London. On her way there, she's confronted by a beast who tries to kill her, but just before it does, it vanished and she realizes she's had another vision. Gemma soon discovers one of the Indian men who she'd seen by her mother had followed her to Spence. And during a cruel prank, she gets locked in the church and is confronted by him.
He tells her to close her mind to the visions; she doesn't know what she's getting into. Upon her arrival, the other girls see Gemma as an un-civilized English girl who isn't worth their time. Except--of course!--to taunt.
YAYYY for outsider cliches!!! Basically, it starts out during Gemma's sixteenth
birthday. She's English, but has lived in India her entire life. She has yet another vision, but it's of a little girl who leads her to the mysterious diary of Mary Dowd, a Spence girl from over twenty years ago. Inside, Gemma learns that Mary Down and her friend, Sarah Rees-Toome, were witches, like Gemma. Gemma soon gets blackmail for her bullies and that--OF COURSE!-- makes them BFFS. After reading more of the diary, they make a club called "The Order", after the group of witches Mary Dowd belonged to. Though is is, by heritage, an English woman, she was raised her entire life in India. She was from from tea parties, and finds much more Beauty in India than England. Gemma is a strong-headed girl, which was strongly looked down upon in her time. Her ordeals in the magical land of the Realms makes her powerful. On top of being clever, all these traits make her something of a disappointment to her family. Gemma, throughout all three of the novels, has no idea who she can really trust. Enemies look like friends, friends look like enemies, and the true intention of people is something Gemma struggles with.
She doesn't know what to listen to--hence the zooming of the ear(; GEMMA DOYLE Gemma has violent, green eyes. She sees what others choose to be ignorant for, and looks for the right path for her and the creatures of the Realms. Though lies aren't exactly encouraged in any culture, Gemma saves lives with her quick wit and full-proof words. Upon reading more of the diary, Gemma, Pippa, Felicity and Ann find out that Mary and Sarah entered an entirely different world called the "Realms" by simply imaginging a door to it. With a little promping, the girls get Gemma to make the door appear. Once through the door, they find a beautiful garden. Spirits from their world wander here, either waiting to 'pass on' or waiting to be corrupted by Winterland creatures--demons, thirsty for life. Gemma's mother is in the garden, and warns them of the Winterlands. Kartik! Kartik is the Indian boy who follows Gemma to Spence, trying to warn Gemma of the dangers she faces.
Though his loyalty is definetly not hers. He works for an Ancient group of men--the Rakshana.
The Rakshana are meant to prevent spirits of the Realms from entering our world. Gemma is his responsibility and he discourages her from enetering the Realms. Kartik is a sneaky, sneaky boy! He is always
watching from the woods, disguised as a
gypsy. He keeps an eye on
friggen' EVERYTHING. In the beginning, he hardly
speaks to Gemma at all except
the foreboding "DON'T PLAY WITH MAGIC,
HURRRDURR!" But after while, he loosens up and
revels a quick wit and wise opinions.
He likes "The Odyssey". Though not always successful in protecting Gemma, he never lets any serious harm come to Gemma or her friends. Except the third book. Whoops. Felicity Worthington Felicity is an extremely stong individual. She is obessessed with power. She hates feeling helpless and hates the fact the only Gemma has the power to enter the Realms.
She is the daughter of a powerful Admirdal and let's every girl at Spence know it. Gemma soon gets said blackmail over Felicity, and forces them to let Ann join their Order. Ann is described as a plain, somewhat ugly girl in the book. Her nose is always running and is only at Spence because of a scholoraship. She's orphaned and constantly picked on. Whenever something bad happens to her, she won't fight it; she'll go sit in a corner and cry. Pippa Cross Pippa is a follower of the powerful Felicity. She is written and an etheral woman with orchid eyes and dark curls. Ann is often jealous of Pippa's beauty, though Pip is generally a little stupid and pretensious, she means well and wouldn't let harm come to any of her friends. (No, he isn't from Narnia.) THE Like most stories, A Great and Terrible Beauty's main plot has to do with the good vs. evil. Then there is BAD, identified by the Winterlands and all the creatures that inhabit it. Sarah Reese-Toome was obsessed with power and tried to take control over the Winterlands. Though is she really the bad guy? The only establishment of good in the story is the beautiful garden the girls first enter. Though they are the only people to wander that specific area. It is presumable that there really is no true GOOD being in the story. And because it's hard to bad Good vs. Evil all black and white,
there's the GRAY AREA! These people prove difficult to determine throughout
the entire series. Gemma is constantly struggling with trust issues. And in
the end, it's still hard to determine if you really like or dislike a certain
character. There are everday flaws in the characters, making the novel more
realistic and typical for the time period. And on top of trying to save the earth
from the creatures in the Realm, Gemma has
to struggle with the time she lives in. It's in the time
where everything
must be PROPER.
Women are expected to do
nothing but attend social events
and sip tea. Gemma is in a constant
struggle with her brother, who took over
while her father is in depression, and treats
Gemma like a child. She's in a constant struggle to surpass society's expectation
for her. Gemma's family makes her
problems in the Realms even
harder to solve. Ann Bradshaw But, as it turns out, the Realms are
not so secure. There is a struggle between who gets control of the power the Realms provide. Only Gemma can distribute magic, and this makes many of the spirits angry. Gemma must decide who gets power,
who doesn't, and who will get to control
the Realms. The Order, the Rakshana, or one of the many tribes inside the Realms?
*LE GASP* Who will she CHOOSE? But Pippa has her own struggles. With being beautiful, she
attracts the attention of a forty-some Mr. Bumble
proposes marriage. Pippa's parents accept and Pippa
must fight with everything that's been planned for
her, or sit down and take it like a proper
Victorian lady. After while, all the girls are close friends, though they sometimes become furious at Gemma because of the power to enter the Realms she holds over them.
Felicity is almost always ready to claim the
power for herself. Her life is destined to be spent babysitting her horrid niece and nephew to pay for the debts Spence has cost her. All her life, she was treated terribly by everyone around her.
The only thing she is inarguably good at is singing, but even then the other girls at Spence take away her chances by stealing every solo there is.
Not that Ann would even care, because she's always too busy moping in a corner instead of fighting life's injustice. V. MES! The novel starts out with English Gemma Doyle's sixteenth birthday. She
is fighting with her mother about visiting England, as she has lived in
India her entire life. It's a trivial battle, but her only wish and there's
no changing the outcome. She can smell. SETTING Road to London The church Gemma
takes refuge in, a half mile from Spence. SPENCE! The boathouse where Gemma meets Kartik a
few times. Also where she locates blackmail on Felicity. What would the boathouse be without
a lake? So here's the lake. The ancient caves where Gemma finds Mary's diary. Also where the girls open the door to the Realms. *trees* :D
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