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Bessie Coleman by Shayla Mallory

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Bessie Coleman by Shayla Mallory

Bessie was born in Texas January 26,1893 and dies tragically at one of her shows on April 30,1926. She lived her 34 years strong and proud. She was the 12th of 13 kids and she had a large family to take care of. She also had only nine of the 13 of her siblings live through slavery. Bessie took good care of her family and i would have to. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Bessie Coleman Bessie Coleman was very SERIOUS about her education.

She wanted to go to school but often had to miss it to take care of her family.That was very SYMPATHETIC of her.

In 1923 Bessie Coleman died a HORRIBLE death. She got thrown out of a plane when it was having complications.

Bessie died at a very YOUNG age 34 to be exact. What I think about Bessie Coleman. All the hard work that Bessie did she broke the barrier for everybody else and I thank her for
that. Thanks for reading. Bessie Coleman BY Shayla Mallory Bessie Coleman! Bessie's beginning life I think that Bessie Coleman was a great hero to every african american and that she made a big difference in the world.She also is one of my many heroes because she did something amazing and everybody thanked her for that but not many people liked it.This was an extraordinary difference and a lot of people missed her when she died tragically. She is my hero and she might be more just read more about her.
I have the name of the website right here www.biograph.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928 Do you know anything about flying? No? well Bessie Coleman does. Bessie Coleman was the first african american to stage a public flight in America. She had nicknames like Brave Bessie or Queen Bessie because she was very brave to do the stuff she did. She got her pilot's license and broke the black and white barriers. She was a hero to everyone because now it was possible to let women have the rights to do anything they want. Why Bessie was so
Important Character Traits
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