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Copy of Carl the Complainer

Carl the Complainer Reading Street

Laura Shultz

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Carl the Complainer

Singular and Plural Pronouns
-Pronouns take the place of a noun or nouns.
-Singular means "one".
-Plural means "more than one".
As you read, look for what happened and why it happened.

Clue words help you figure out what happened and why. Look for words like "because", "so", "since".
Cause and Effect
A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a base word that makes a new word with a different meaning.
annoy - to make someone angry
Carl the Complainer
By Michelle Knudsen

shrugs - raises one's shoulders as an expression of doubt
P.M. - the time between noon and midnight
unzip dislike replay preheat
redo preset precook unhappy
distrust revisit unseen disinfect
Tell what the word means
complain - to say that something is not good enough
mumbles - speaks unclearly
signature - a person's name written by that person
un - means "not" or "the opposite of"

re - means "again"

pre - means "before"

dis - means "not" or "the opposite of"
"He", "she", and "it" are singular pronouns. They are only naming one.

"We" and "they" are plural pronouns. They name more than one.
Find the pronoun. Tell whether it's singular or plural.
She was watching a movie.

We went to the grocery store.

They ate at Burger King.

He is going to the game.

It broke the window.
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