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Romeo and Juliet vs. Warm Bodies

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on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet vs. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies vs.
Romeo and Juliet

Balcony Scene
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
some of the main
characters are
Romeo, Juliet,
Paris, Nurse,
and Mercutio.
Each of the first letters in the names of the characters
Romeo and Juliet
is the same as the first letters of
the names of the characters in the movie Warm Bodies. Their roles in the story's are also very similar.
In Warm Bodies, R falls in love with Julie before she
falls in love with him. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo falls in love with Juliet first as well. Perry in Warm Bodies was Julies boyfriend, while in
Romeo and Juliet
Paris loved Juliet and wanted to marry her. Nora who is Julies best friend in Warm Bodies takes care of her and keeps her safe. In
Romeo and Juliet
the Nurse is a mother figure and a friend to Juliet who nursed her and took care of her as a baby, as well as keeping her safe. Mercutio is Romeos best friend in
Romeo and Juliet
and in Warm Bodies Marcus is R's best friend. All of the letters in their first name correspond with the characters from the other story and the roles those characters play.
Warm Bodies
In Warm Bodies
some of the main
characters are
R, Julie,
Perry, Nora,
and Marcus.
Warm Bodies
There is a scene
on Julies balcony when R comes
to see Julie even
though he knows
it is dangerous,
and Julie tells him to leave.
Soon after,
Nora calls for her.
Quotes from
Romeo and Juliet
“The orchard walls are high and hard
to climb, And the place death, considering
who thou art, If any of my kinsmen
find thee here,” (2.2).
Here is where Juliet is telling Romeo
that it is dangerous to be there,
because if anyone finds him there,
he will be put to death.
“I hear some noise within; dear
love, adieu! Anon, good nurse,” (2.2).
This is where the Nurse calls to Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet
There is a scene when
Romeo comes to see
Juliet on her balcony even
though it is dangerous for him,
and Juliet tells him to leave
when the nurse calls for her.
Balcony Scene -
Warm Bodies
By: Rachel Mahoney
Balcony Scene -
Romeo and Juliet
Star Crossed Lovers
Romeo and Juliet are
star crossed lovers
because they are
in two separate families
that are in a bloody feud
with each other,
and they are forbidden
to be together.
Warm Bodies
R and Julie are star crossed lovers because R is a zombie,
and Julie is a human,
and they are in love.
They cannot be together;
it is forbidden.
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
is very
similar in many ways
to Warm Bodies,
from the characters,
to the scenes,
and to the whole plot line.
These examples show
how Warm Bodies is
alike to
Romeo and Juliet
in many ways.
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