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Ithaka by Adele Geras

No description

Alaya Poole

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ithaka by Adele Geras

by: Adele Geras Tne factors of Ithaka Conflicts: Characters: Theme: Plot Let's Focus on Ithaka The tapestries Penelope weaves tells stories which tell about Odysseus's adventures. This story connects to The Odyssey written by Homer because it tells of Penelope's story. Within the story the reader is introduced to a fourteen year old girl by the name of Klymene who also tell the story.
Penelope tells the begging wannabe husbands that as soon as the tapestry is finished she will pick a husband. Every night Klymene helps her undo part of her daily weavings. The novel takes place in the island of Ithaka, where Penelope must stay. She was had a burden placed on her by Athene. She has to stay in Ithaka and weave the story of Odysseus to form a tapestry. The theme is expressed through a Greek myth.
The author tries to relate to the story of the Odyssey. She tells of Penelope's story after the Trojan war. This story reveals love, violence, betrayal, loneliness, and a sense of friendship. Penelope
Gods of Olympus
mythical creatures
Odyseus by: Adele Geras Ithaka Lets see what's happening in Ithaka Plot continued... The Novel Ithaka takes place ten years after the Trojan War. Penelope awaits her husband Odysseus arrival from the war. As she waits for him to appear, she is overwhelmed with offers from local citizens from nearby islands for her hand in marriage. They purpose is to gain control of the city through their marrying Penelope. The novel Ithaka is a representation of a Greek Myth. Point of view This story is told in two different point of views. One being Penelope herself and the other being the fourteen year old granddaughter of Eurykleia. Eurykleia is the nurse of Odysseus.Penelope begins to fall in love and Klymene falls in love with Penelope's son Telmachus. Setting: Ithaka
by: Adele Geras Penelope -Telemachus thinks his father abandoned him
-Aphrodite is irresponsible
- Odysseus blinded his enemy Posiedon's son the Cyclops
-Penelope loves both Leodes who is Odysseus old friend and her husband Odysseus Family Tree
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