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Prezi Practice with Community Challenges

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Jesalyn Claeys

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Practice with Community Challenges

Community Challenges Mechanicville, NY As communities grow, they encounter challenges that take foresight and planning to overcome. A Big Project Gets Bigger The Esplanade
Multi-purpose development
Six buildings
225 residential apartments
Retail space below apartments Intermodal rain yard
Transfers cargo from trains to trucks
Encourages global and state economies instead of small community economies As the City of Mechanicville grows, it needs to assure it is walkable and connected. Rail Yard Plan Aired The increased traffic will cause increased noise and pollution in the city. "Route 67 west of Mechanicville, which would be the main highway access point for the yard, would see the greatest increase in traffic." Therefore, the transfer station harms the local environment without returning anything to the community. The development is on routes 4 and 32. The traffic will discourage residents from walking within the city. Mechanicville is experiencing positive growth, but developments are not being built to encourage walking. In order to stay connected to other communities, Mechanicville is sacrificing its quiet, small town community. -Steve Watts quoted in Rail Yard Plan Aired The Intermodal does bring minimal business to the city. However, because it is being used to transport goods, most of the benefit is going elsewhere. Yet, because the Intermodal employs so few people, the locals will not see much improvement. It does not bring money into the local economy This project looks like New Urbanism on the surface, but it does not have all the fundamentals. This peusdo- New Urbanism project will push other true New Urban projects away from Mechanicville. The Esplanade will be right on the river. Lack of a proper buffer between the development and the river will result in pollution Boat traffic will also increase. This, along with runoff from the development will harm the marine ecosystem which is still recovering from PCB's. This project would be more beneficial if Mechanicville and Stillwater invested in aesthetically pleasing pedestrian corridors, so that residents would walk to the public attractions nearby.
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