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Strategic Management for Innovation

No description

Xavier Mauri Orriols

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Strategic Management for Innovation

This is the first Marathon at Ferrovial Barcelona
Strategic Management for Innovation
How to run a Marathon in a Big Company
Xavier Mauri
Industrial Engineer
I'm a service contract manager at Ferrovial
And my job is to make things happen ......
3 A.M.
4 A.M.
5 A.M.
The place to run is important
57.000 Employee
7686 MM€ sales last year
25 Countries
What do you use to run?
Management of the Barcelona’s public street cleanning services and waste collection
My first training
Final Summary
65 MM€/year
900 Employee
344 Trucks

The first innovation product (my first training)
Gadget to transform the capacity of the bins
Extraordinari Intervention Bin
The first innovation product (my first training)
Extraordinari Intervention Bin
Only in Barcelona there are 20.000 normal bins...
How many units could we sell?

My second training
I liked go running
I read in internet how to train
I posted in facebook about my intention to start go running seriously
I went to decathlon to buy a .....
My second training
We had a problem.....
My second training
I organized a meeting with my team, and we found a solution.
We designed, made, registered and sold it to the city council.
We have sold at this moment more than 60.000€ with this product
Another training
Barcelona city council put a challenge to their suppliers

Challenge: Reducing plastic bottles at your office.
Opportunity: Impress the council over our competitors.
A bottle had to be decorated by the contestants

The Bottle has a design award and it is integral

We contracted a communication agency

They prepared a website to post the bottle's picture and vote the best one
I didn't want to run alone anymore
I wanted to train within a team
Now, the team is managing innovation.
El teu paper
Our first Marathon
We have an old truck repair shop and we want to make a new one.
Which are the requirements?
- 6 Box to repair Trucks
- 3 warehouse (almacén)
- 1 office
- Central heating for the mechanics
- Sockets.
- Light for repair down the truck
Next race
Thank you for running with me!!!
Ready for your first marathon?
Management of the Barcelona’s public street cleanning services and waste collection
we have to collect the waste every day, so we organize the service, design the itineraries and solve incidences.
We also clean the streets, so we define the itineraries, ratios, and how to clean the city
Management of the Barcelona’s public street cleanning services and waste collection
What do you think about the technology challenges?
- Sonar
- 6 cams
- Robots
- weight control

People in our service are the most important:
People define itineraries
People control service
People control the tones of waste
People repair trucks
People maintain containers
People control the citizen demands
People design itineraries
People purchase materials
People control human resources
Most important is the training
How do you train for innovation?
Register product
If I was
doing it

My team saw that innovation was possible

Lead by example
The winner would be rewarded with an urban bike
Bottle Battle
Bottle Battle
Participated 90% of office workers.

More than 50 workers making innovation
Bottle Battle
Francesc Xavier
Innovation is to combine the two services who passed by the same streets into one to optimize itineraries
This service has been created by Francesc Xavier and optimized more than 25% itineraries
El teu Paper
The innovation is reusing paper and clothing of workers to make a notebook.
The communication campaign was made by Elena with a card that could be planted and grew a flower.
The innovation is to use ozone for container cleaning
Antonio innovated trowing ozone each time that waste is collected
- Needs to look cheap.
- Needs to become a functional showroom
- Needs to be comfortable
- Needs to include biomass for heating, as a marketing showroom
Even though I have a team that innovate, I still need to look for the next challenge, for the next

Let me show you a video of how do I feel

Xavier Mauri
Strategic Management for Innovation
I decided to have a contest to involve all the office workers
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