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Hazara vs. Pashtun

An Ancient Conflict in the Middle East

Amaris Hayes

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Hazara vs. Pashtun

An ancient conflict in the Middle East Hazara vs. Pahtun What is Hazara and Pashtun? Thank you! They are just two of the ethnic groups that make up the very diverse Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Iran (mostly Hazaras). Pashtuns are the largest group and tend to command the most power politcally. While Hazaras,the third largest group, are viewed as the outcast of the country. The two have had a conflict that is literally ancient history,dating back to the 1200's. Like I said earlier,it is LITERALLY ancient history! In the 1200's when the Mongolian emperor made advances into what is now Pakistan/Afghnistan (along with most of that area) to expand his empiere. He killed many of the orginal inhabitants (who would today be idntified as Pakistanians and Afghans) so now many Pashtuns don't like the Hazaras simply because they look Mongolian, the very people that killed there ancestors...OVER 800 YEARS AGO!!! How did this all start? Can You Tell the Difference? Hazara Often refered to as the "outsiders" of the Middle East. They are the minority within Pakistan/Afghanistan and are looked down on by not just Pashtuns but other groups as well. They are Shiite muslim, a brach of Islam.They also slightly differ in their appearance; Hazara people generally appear of Asian decent. It's said that the Hazara people are actually descendents of Genghis Khan and his soldiers when he invaded the area in the 13th century. Historically they live in the valley, however years of conflict have driven many into the rural mountains of the countryside. Some have moved to the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul in hopes of making a better life for themselves, and make up have of the population in the city. The Hazara people are extremely resilient and take alot of pride in education and doing the best they can to better themselves. Pashtun The largest and most powerful group (politically) in Pakistan and Afghanistan and make up the majority of the population.Within it it actually has several tribal groups: the Durrani, Ghilzai, Jaji, Mangal, Safi, Mamund, and Mohmand. Many are associated with the Taliban and practice Shari'a Law. Culturally they are so different then the Hazara people of the mountins. They live by a very strict honor code, Pashtunwali. Hazara Children Pashtun Children Mongol Empire Genghis Khan
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