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Kyabirwa Primary School

No description

Fran Mayr

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Kyabirwa Primary School

Kyabirwa Primary School
Jinja, Uganda 1,000 - 1,500 students, with classes ranging from 50 to 200 pupils. Numbers vary throughout the year depending on families' finances and whether children are needed for farming. Ugandan schools receive less than $2 per child per year.
100% of donations will be spent on providing
equipment and developing the school.
There aren't any middle men. Want to learn more?
http://volunteerugandaschool.org/default.aspx The average income in Uganda is about $385 CAD (half that of most of sub Saharan Africa). The income of subsistence farmers is far lower, often as little as $10 a month. Due to AIDS, many of our children are orphans or partial orphans. Average life expectancy is 48 years. 6% of the population of Uganda has AIDS. There are 1.5 million orphans due to AIDS in Uganda.
Parents have to provide uniforms, textbooks, pens and exercise books and contribute to the building fund. They can't afford to send all their kids at the same time.

Ugandan Schools have very few teaching and learning resources. This is true of our school. The school only has about 150 donated reading or storybooks.

Consequently, there are adults of 18 still trying to finish primary school. Of those who manage to find the money to go to secondary school, some are still trying to complete school at the age of 28. phonics class gym class The Ugandan National Anthem Race Day!
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