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Cyrano Mind Map.

No description

Steven Nelson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Mind Map.

Cyrano de Bergerac Act I The setting of the play
is in the Hotel Burgundy La Clorise is a
play within a play. Valvert insults
Cyrano's nose Cyrano composes a
ballad while dueling Christian has fallen in love with roxane. Roxane is meant to marry valvert for de guiche Lignere's writings are considered very well done The duenna arranges a meeting
with Roxane for Cyrano Montfluery is a bad actor
who Cyrano bans Cyrano thinks he is
to ugly for Roxane Cyrano battles 100
men for Lignere Act II Poets get food in
exchange for their poems Lise wraps the
food in poems Cyrano gives pastries to the
Duenna so he can talk to Roxane alone Act V Roxanes husbands die Cyrano reads the letter
in the dark from his memory Cyrano wants to die
gracefully like a leaf Roxane lives in the house of the nuns A log falls on Cyrano's
head, fatally wounding him De Guiche is envious of Cyrano and wishes he had his blessings. Roxane keeps Christians(Cyranos)
last letter with her at all times. Cyrano teases the nuns Cyrano visits Roxane every Saturday for 15 years Cyrano attacks falsehoods(Nobles, Saints, Heros, Artists) Act IV Cyrano avenges Christians
death and his own death Roxane loves Christian for his soul, but its Cyrano thats writing the letters Roxane originally loved Christian for his eyes and looks. Ragueno has food hidden Roxane gets passed the Spanish into the camp. De guiche rids his scarf so he isnt recognised so Cyrano gets it and embarrasses him. Cyrano promises to write to Roxane every day. Cyrano would prefer to die honorably The cadets hate De Guiche because he doesnt supply food for them and they are starving. But they dont want to show it. De Guiche uses a Spanish spy so that the Spanish will attack where he signals People are impressed Cyrano now for beating Valvert They speak of their childhood(being cousins) Roxanes sees her lovers soul through his eyes Cyrano promises to protect Christian at the request of Roxane Cyrano gives Christian the letter Act III Ragueneau has had a troubled past Roxanes favorite intellectual is Christian De Guiche doesnt take insults well. He gets angry when people make fun of him. Cyrano gives Christian his letter De guiche gets promoted to Colonial Roxane tells De Guiche to leave Cyrano's regiment behind so the dont experience glorious battle "I. Love. You." Cyrano emerges with spectacular poems Cyranos words make Roxane offer Christian a kiss Roxane persuades the Capuchin to let her and Christian marry. Cyrano distracts De Guiche by dressing up as a stranger that knows how to get to the moon. Cyrano's regiment is deployed to the guards
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