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Mindmap Fashion and Colour Trend

No description

Hiu Ki Wong

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Mindmap Fashion and Colour Trend

Manizer marilyn monroe sassy Vibrance free spirt show girl playful sensual stylish self confidence suductive Scarlett Johansson sequins beadings sheer fabrics strips polka dots flappers Serena "Gossip girl" partying clubbing drinking outgoing tireless impressionable lady gaga paparazzi eye catcher surrounded by boys flirty smoky eyes drama self expressive head turner social gathering gogo girl corset pumps girlish lace ladylike style-setter theatrical embellishments flaring skirt red lips blond cosmo girl up beat style uptown girl fashion conscious in spotlight style icon bombshell sweetheart frock strapless neon hot pink va-va-voom body conscious steal spotlight pop of colours style personalities lifestyle different shades of life rainbow smoking curvaceous slim cut silhouette animal print floral pattern moulin rouge Early Twiggy androgynous glamour empowerment liberation nude legging unrestrictive wear classics elegance candy-colored hues daring feathers glamourous dramatic ribbons form-fitting drapery flouncy mini-skirt style conscious new age hanging out with friends shopping sexual intercourse aqua crimson no strings attached charming importance of feminity plunged neckline backless dress stain chiffon attitudes adornments women in history boyfriend's jacket undergarment emphasis on hip emphasis on waist voluptuous bust emancipation ostentatious looks clutch jewelery materialistic? suffrage movement bold lines breasts barbie perfect proportions ideal madonna exotic demand attention ignore social conventions crinolines layering belongs to the mainstream illusions distinctive hourglass silhouette night clubs high energy burlesque heavy makeup lush, colorful costumes entertain big eyes erotica show stopper attractive pucci, ferrogamo, chanel, dior flirtatious enjoy life push the boundaries hard-candy innocence charming flare passive roles Hiu Ki, Wong
Color & Fashion Trend
ITC 3790 (TUT004)
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