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vaasav mehta

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of THE BUSHFIRE

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
The Bushfire
What is a bushfire?
A bushfire is a hazardous and catastrophic natural disaster. It is a fire that burns in grass, bush or any type of wood. It can threaten the environment, meaning vegetation and farmland, houses, cars so basically all the property around it.
How it spreads?
Heavy wind spreads fire from tree to tree.
The fire is like a bouncing ball. When the wind gets stronger than the speed of the fire, the end of the fire jumps to other dry trees. This way fire can spread quickly from one tree to another. Bushfire can gulp hectares of land in a short span of time.
Survival Plan & kit
Good morning fellow natural disaster monitors, today I will be talking about a natural disaster called the bush fire.
How do they start?
Most often:

When dry leaves, wood and grass come in contact with the extremely hot climate.

Brainless people leave their camp fire unattended when going for a walk or to sleep. At times, arsonists light fire on purpose.

Lightening strikes.

Every family should have an evacuation plan so that they have everything ready to evacuate. They should have a survival kit. It will help in getting ready in an event of an emergency.
Here is a quick video
How they stop the fire
Emergency firefighters use various methods to control the fire. If fire is already burning, they use fire engines and water bombing helicopters to control the fire. In advance, they also conduct 'Back Burning' activities to prevent the fire from spreading too far.
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