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Juvenile sentence is right.

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Matias Moya

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Juvenile sentence is right.

Juvenile sentence is right.

Juvenile Justice
There has been a troubling shift in the nation’s responses to at-risk youth over the past 25 years. The creators of the juvenile justice system originally viewed it as a system for providing prevention, protection, and redirection to youth, but it is more common for juveniles today to experience tough sanctions and adult-type punishments instead. . While reforms are underway in many places, there remains an urgent need to reframe the responses to juvenile delinquency

Juvenile sentence

Juvenile delinquency is one of the major problems of society.
juvenile delinquency occurs worldwide
- From 18 you're judged and you go to jail.
- From 13-18 you are tried and you go to the reformatory.
- With less than 13 you are neither judged, Yea you're completely scot-free.
as we can see in the graphic is achieved clearly see how it has reduced the number of juvenile detainees, however it remains a major problem for the society.

The gunmen children gain territory in the streets of Guatemala
These children hit a smaller child to kill him
Children forced to fight in Syria
Killed his father because he interfered in hir life
Juvenile sentencing guidelines are designed to establish a process by which juvenile offenders have the opportunity to access a variety of resources to enable the rehabilitation and integration into the community as law-abiding citizens
Personal Opinion
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