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Civic Mirror Reflection and Connection

No description

Dylan Wright

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Civic Mirror Reflection and Connection

Engaging in civic action
In civic mirror i learned about the importance of engaging in civic action. If you don't engage in it then nobody hears you or thinks of you your on the outer loop of society. For example Briar didn't engage in any civic issues and nobody even knew he was there because of it. This makes it so you never get thought of in decision making. It is important to take place in civic issues and get yourself heard by the public or you wont get anything you want or need.
Involvement in civic life
There are lots of positions on civic issues. Alot of these positions stem from peoples ideology's and values. for example if someone is an environmentalist like Anderson the they will be interested in his position more because he represents there ideology, but they would be against someone like Jake who would want development. Religious beliefs are also a pursuance.
The civic mirror is a great learning tool and has taught me many things about life and government in a democratic society.
Civic Mirror Reflection and Connection
In the civic mirror I learned that anyone can put there name forward and run for office. It is a basic right that we are given but very little use. Only slight few like to be part of this and there usually the ones that you don't want running your country like our former Prime Minister Jake, but since very few exercise this right people like Jake get into power.
Values and civic issues
In the civic mirror everyone has the right to participate and engage in civic life. very few people do though even though they should. one way of involving them into civic issues was through town hall. this way people that had a major concern with something within the country could voice there opinion. The problem is some people chose not to involve in this either in which case you cannot make them engage. Personally i like being a part of the government.
Peoples Perspectives
In civic mirror i learned there is many different perspectives on topics. I also learned that some peoples perspectives are more valued than others. As a part of government i know that me and other MP's did not care for others opinion because of wealth or friend groups. this makes it so even when these people voice there opinions no one is listening. Even though i'm one of these people i know its not right but i don't care. I'm not going to tell these people i don't care for there idea but nobody can make me listen. This makes it really hard for people to feel equality. The problem is that people cant really voice there opinion about this since i can just say i didn't like the idea. it is very hard to reach social justice on a wrong like this.
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