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Child Abuse

Child abuse is doing something that results in harm to a child or puts a child at risk of harm. Child Abuse can be physical,sexual, or emotional.

Elia Yago

on 11 April 2010

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Transcript of Child Abuse

Child Abuse
Pysichological Emotional Sexual Physical Child abuse is doing something that puts a child at risk of harm. Child abuse can be pysical, sexal or emotional. Child Abuse Why do people commit child abuse ? People commit child abuse because of stress, you know that some people get stress, but some people know how to deal with it and some people don't. So unfortunately, on the receiving end of that stress is children. Another cause is anger that an other time children pay for it. How do you think a child feels after being abused ? The child stops being tha same as always and he will suffer physical damage, like being drepressed. Some children think of suicide. Some become violent, or they may use drugs or alcohol. Maybe hey wil try to run away or abuse others.
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