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Dream District

No description

Sarah Miller

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Dream District

one Sean Brown, Linda Maynard & Sarah Miller Dream District Project Curriculum development plan Formative and Summative Teacher Evaluation Plan Scheduling for improvement References TPACK. (2011). Retrieved September 20, 2012 from the World Wide Web: www.tpack.org Department of Energy. (2007). Third Creek Elementary. Sketch Up Model. Retrieved September 15, 2012 from the World Wide Web: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=fab1761a4fa35668721a9ab7a48f0681 TPACK, 2011 Into the future... Strategic Plan Improve Student Achievement
Refine and continue the implementation of formative assessment systems and the data warehouse with an emphasis on the use of student data to inform instruction
Continue to develop and align common core standards, instructional strategies and assessments into a coherent K-12 instructional framework.
Provide focused quality, sustainable professional development for all staff.
Continue to develop and implement differentiated instructional strategies for ALL students
An Effective Organization to Support Student Achievement
Recruiting and hiring quality staff
APPR with Comprehensive evaluations Developing & Training staff
Leadership Development
Raise student achievement through the use of research based leadership skills
Public Engagement
Implement a public engagement plan to support student achievement and raise the trust level of internal and external and external stakeholder SET
Team Elem.
Leader Middle
Leader H.S.
Leader Horizonatal
5-8 PLC
5-8 Vertical
5-8 (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr three two Who are the Fighting Tridents ? Miller, 2012 Professional Development 3 Year Plan
Student Achievement Focused

Year 1:


*Provide training for data reporting and analysis
*Provide training to assure interventions are aligned to the CCSS
*Continue professional development opportunities to implement differentiated
instructional strategies to address the multiple learning levels and learning styles of

Year 2:

Team Teaching

*Provide training for integration of academic teams and enrichment programs
*Continue to encourage the use of shared folders and dissemination of “best practices”
by all teachers
*Continue to provide professional development incorporating technology hardware and
software into all programs

Year 3:

Technology Support and Communication

*Continue training in the implementation of Standards based Instruction in all academic
technology courses with specific emphasis on multiple grouping strategies and the use
of rigorous questions
*Provide professional Development Opportunities to continue the growth and
development of the TV/Media Studio
* Provide professional development in the design and upkeep of individual teacher web
pages Data
Driven Teaming
Teachers Staff
Development one Superintendent
Head Principal
Assistant Principal Horizonatal
K-4 Horizonatal
9-12 PLC
9-12 Vertical
9-12 Vertical
K-4 Our school district will create a School Excellence Team (SET) that consists of a leadership team led by the Superintendent, the Head Principal and Assistant Principal. The SET will be carefully selected to ensure that members are representative of their building, and are able to focus on the purpose of school improvement at the building level.

The SET will establish its own goals for school improvement. The Team will collect data to make informed decisions, develop an Action Plan with sequential steps and responsibilities, monitor the efforts of the building leaders and involvement of students, and determine the progress of the students in the context of the goals. The district administrators and colleagues from within and beyond the district will provide expertise, advice, and resources to assist each building leader in attaining the goals of the school. At the conclusion of the school year, each School Excellence Team will determine whether the goals have been achieved, and to what extent efforts were successful. After this analysis has been completed, goals for the following year will be established. Professional Development
Plan TPACK (2011)
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