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Anna Kainer Rezumé

Profecional CV

Anna Kainer

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Anna Kainer Rezumé

The Professional Life of
Anna Kainer
Working with leader bloggers and journalist around the globe, using net to learn and having fun :)
Open University
Anna Kainer
Business Presentations
Facebook & Google PPC
Special Training:
Social Media | Personal Branding | Online&Mobile Marketing Expert
Social Media, Mobile Apps & Innovation
Online Brand & Marketing Manager
B.A. Psychology & Management
Adwords & Google Analytics
Google Certified
Facebook Agency Partner
Campaigns and Branding
Work Experience
June 2012 - Feb 2013
Marketing Manager
Managing Global suppliers (PR agencies , content writers and more)
• Responsible for corporate online presence at Social Media platform
• Managing relationship with professional bloggers and journalists
• Responsible of introducing the company for investors, professional conference and more
• Managing production of marketing materials (viral videos, presentations and more)
• Direct management of marketing team (3 workers)
Jan 2009 - Jan 2010
Marketing Manager
•Managing professional team and suppliers
•Setting regular goals for online activities
•Responsible of new company website and associated sites and marketing materials
•Producing and developing creative ideas for advertisements and products
•Managing International Partnerships ( Eurolegue, DBF CUP and more)
Responsible of company’s activity for the SEO and SEM (Facebook , Twitter,Networking) and mor
Jan 2010 - July 2012
Online Media Consulting & Mobile Distribution Manager
•Responsible for the creation, implementation, and day-to-day management of Social Media Strategy
•Mapping and Managing efficient communications channel that is effective, profitable and measurable for company goals.
•Manage brand promotions and company projects at the social media communities and Marketing channels
•Managing Global suppliers (PR agencies , content writers and more)
•Community Manager, managing relationship with professional bloggers, journalist and users at Europe
, Asia and South America.
•Re – creating and managing support department
•Managing and Promoting Marketing Projects ( production of marketing materials ,viral videos, presentations and more)
•Monitoring and Analyzing brand exposure and activity using Tra.Cx and other applications, over all Social Media channels

Expertise & Experience
Ticket2Final VP
365Scores Investor
Professional Profile
• 3 + years in International Marketing Manager
• 3 + years in SEO, SEM and Media Buying
• 2 + years in International Partnerships and Business Development
• 5 + years as Web Project Manager
• Experience as a freelance Project Manager in sales
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