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Thank You Ma'am

Elements of Plot

Rebecca Caudill

on 17 October 2018

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Transcript of Thank You Ma'am

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was walking alone at night
Roger, a young teenager, tried to snatch her purse
The strap broke and Mrs. Jones grabbed Roger and wouldn't let him go
Mrs. Jones realizes that Roger doesn't know right from wrong
She dragged Roger down the sidewalk to her house
Mrs. Jones wants Roger to wash his face
Roger tries to struggle free, but is dragged into Mrs. Jones' home
There were other people in the large house
She turns Roger loose to go to the sink and wash his face
Rising Action
Roger has the choice to run or stay
He looks at the door, then the sink, and back to the door
Roger decides to stay and learn a lesson
He washes his face
Roger states that there is no one at his house to take care of him
He confesses he wanted a pair of blue suede shoes, so he snatched her pocketbook
Falling Action
Roger learns that Mrs. Jones has made mistakes in her life too
She continues to take care of his needs like a mother would
Roger offers to go to the store for Mrs. Jones
He wants to earn her trust
They sit down to eat together at the table like a family would
Mrs. Jones knows that Roger has learned his lesson so she sets him free
She gives him money to buy the shoes
Roger learns that it is wrong to steal
He thanks Mrs. Jones and she shuts the door in his face
They never see each other again, but Roger will always remember the woman and the lesson he learned
Thank You Ma'm
background of the story
characters, setting, and conflict are introduced
all events that build up to the climax
actions drive characters
tension builds
Rising Action
the most important/critical part of the story
decisions and actions of the characters determine the outcome of the story
events that occur after the conflict
conflict is unraveled
Falling Action
final outcome of the story is revealed
loose ends are usually tied up
5th Grade Class
Mrs. Caudill's
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