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Onboarding Template Tutorial

No description

Prezi Team

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Onboarding Template Tutorial

Other perks
Good news! Prezi has these really cool timeline structures that you can find here in the layouts sidebar...
So, the boss told you to get the new employees onboard.
But where to start?
Well, many people like to begin with the company history.
or here in our templates.
Want to tell your newbies about the company
We make the world better
We stand up
We get it done
We stretch
We delight
Try a structure like this one, then you can zoom into each value for deeper exploration
Got a bunch of offices in a lot of different places?
Again you can use a template, or Prezi image search to find a cool visual from the interwebs.
New York
Time for a map.
Want to take people through your
company’s basic organization
Great news! the layouts sidebar has got you covered. So you can show people everything...
from the CEO...
all the way down to the...
Layouts can also help you show how your product lines work. And because this is Prezi...
...you can zoom to specifics.
Now you’ve seen how it’s done, click the link below to start your own prezi and get those newbies onboard!
A great way to end your prezi is to take them through the

...no not the benefits of Prezi, but the benefits of working at your company.
We suggest something like this...
Now it’s time to get
Open up the customize menu...
click advanced...
and add your company colors here
and your logo here
(this feature is only available to Enjoy & Pro subscribers)
Want to build your own detailed org chart? Check this link:
you can add a 3D background here
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