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Matched Presentation

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Aviva Green

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Matched Presentation

Written By Ally Condie

An Interview With the Author...
Ally Condie:
My Favorite Paragraph
“My heart is on fire and I have to keep my mouth shut tight so that I don’t try to burn these Officials with the flames. That’s what you think, I say to myself. You think there’s nothing here because we’re not putting up a fight. But there are words in our heads that no one else knows. And my grandfather died on his terms, not yours. We have things of value but you can never find them because you don’t even know how to look.”

My Recommendation of Matched
I would recommend the book Matched because it is a thrilling romance that you will not be able to put down. Matched puts your life in perspective by creating a totalitarian government that controls every aspect of the citizens' lives. Right from the beginning, you question the government's actions. Once Cassia, the main character, starts to defy the normal and find her feelings for a man she should not love, you are immediately on her side. Throughout her journey you will feel frightened, upset, surprised, and be on the edge of your seat. The author of Matched, artfully writes using beautiful metaphors and excellent emotion.
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This presentation was created by Aviva Green
In the beginning of Matched, you begin to learn about the society that the main character Cassia lives in, and you conclude that the Society decides everything; even food and what art the citizens experience.
Cassia is in the process of being matched, a process also controlled by the society and she ends up being matched to her best friend Xander.
Right before the Match Banquet, she is given an old compact by her Grandfather.
Cassia is given a microcard with information about her match, Xander; however, when she tries to view this information an image of another boy appears, a boy that she also knows, Ky.
Shortly after she is confronted by an Official, a person who works for the Society, who tells her she has nothing to worry about and that Ky Markham is an Aberration which means that he or a person in his family has committed a crime, according to the Society.
In Ky's case, it was his father who committed the crime.
Cassia remembers that he is from the Outer Provinces, a place where non-citizens of the Society live, which makes Cassia even more confused so she goes to visit her Grandfather who is about to die because he is of the age where the Society decides he has to die.
On the day when her Grandfather dies, he reveals that hidden inside the compact there is an old pre-society poem which is an item that is illegal to own.
Cassia had signed up for hiking as a leisure activity and as a coincidence Ky did also.
Ky is the first up the hill and Cassia soon follows so they meet at the top and talk about Ky's past and the poem Cassia was given.
However, she decides that the poem is too dangerous to own so she destroys it.
The next time Cassia goes to hiking, Ky begins to teach her how to write and he gives her a napkin that begins to tell his story.
For the last few days of hiking, Ky and Cassia are paired together and she is started to realize that she is falling in love with Ky.
Cassia and Ky are holding hands in the woods which gives Cassia an Infraction so she meets with an Official who tells her that she has to stop being in love with Ky.
Before Cassia can be assigned to her job she has to undergo a real life test that will put some workers in an "alternate project".
Ky falls right in the middle so Cassia decides to put him in the group that will get the "alternate project", hoping that it will make his life better.
In the morning after the last day of hiking, Ky is being taken away by the Officials to go fight the Enemy in the Outer Provinces.
Everyone is forced to take the red tablet which will make them forget everything because the society does not want them to know that they were lied to and that Ky is going to die in the Outer Provinces.
Cassia doesn't take it and she travels to a labor camp in the Border Provinces to try and find him using a compass that was once his.
A Summary of Matched
The compass represents the journey taken to find the person you love.
Writing represents communication and secrets passed from person to person.
The puppet represents control and the powers it has over people.
The broken chain represents breaking free from the things that are holding you back.
One reason that this is my favorite paragraph is the metaphor in the beginning. It makes you feel just as angry at the Officials as Cassia is. It makes you want to get up and fight with Cassia. The reference to fire creates a burning fighting passion just like Cassia's. Also, the way Cassia describes her heart as being on fire, makes her new found love for Ky even more evident
Furthermore, because of the way Cassia speaks about her values, you begin to realize you cannot let someone else control your values. Your own creations are the most valuable things you own. The Society and the Officials think that valuable is a common adjective that they can use to describe other peoples thoughts, ideas, and belongings. However, in this paragraph Cassia begins to realize that she can decide what is valuable.
Lastly, the the author, Ally Condie, writes this paragraph very realistically so it seems as though you are standing right beside Cassia, hearing her thoughts. It puts you even closer to the emotions of Cassia, so close that they almost become your own. You want to live your life on your own terms just like Cassia.
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