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Evolution and Classification of Organisms

No description

Maggie Anderson

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Evolution and Classification of Organisms

Gills Gadus morhua - Goldfish
Lungs Red Legs Orange Legs
Black Legs Anser albinfrons - Greater White-Fronted Goose Not black
legs (Geese) (Swans) Anser caerulescens - Snow Goose Black Plumage Cygnus atratus - Black Swan White Plumage Black Bill Salmon Streak on mouthline Cygnus columbianus - Tundra Swan Cygnus buccinators -
Trumpeter Swan Orange Bill Grey Bill Cygnus olor - Mute Swan Cygnus melancoryphus -
Black-necked Swan Maggie Anderson Classification Diagram and Dichotomous Key 1. Has gills. - Gadus Morhua - Goldfish 5. Has a black bill. Go on to 6. 5. Does not have a black bill. Go on to 7. 6. Has a salmon-pink colored streak along the mouthline.
- Cygnus columbianus - Tunda Swan.
6. Does not have streak along mouthline.
Cygnus buccinators - Trumpeter Swan
7. Has an orange bill. Cygnus olor - Mute Swan.
7. Has a grey bill. Cygnus melancoryphus - Black-necked Swan.
1. Has no gills (lungs). Go on to 2. no streak 2. Does not have black legs/feet. Go on to 4. 4. Has orange legs/feet. - Anser albifrons - Greater White-Fronter Goose. 4. Has red legs/feet. -anser caerulescense - Snow Goose. 3. Has black plumage. -Cygnus atratus -Black Swan. 3. Has white plumage. Go on to 5. More like this... 2. Does have black legs/feet. Go on to 3. Swans, geese, and a golfish.
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