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If I Stay Plot Diagram

No description

Abby S.

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of If I Stay Plot Diagram

If I Stay
Plot Diagram
Inciting Incident
While Mia and her family are in the car one snowy day, they get into an unexpected car accident. The car
swiveled off the slippery,
snow-covered road.
Mia was horrified.
Rising Action
Mia next finds herself laying in the snow.
She thinks she sees Teddy in the snow too. She runs over to him, and it turns out to be herself she was seeing. She's like a ghost.
Adam comes to the hospital to visit Mia again. Adam gives Mia a speech about how much he wants her to stay alive. Mia suddenly gets many flashbacks at once. She can hear and feel again for the first time since she was in the hospital. She hears Adam say her name.
Thank you!
Rising Action
Mia is found and sent to a hospital immediately.
Rising Action
Mia soon finds out after listening to her Grandma and Grandpa's conversation when they came to visit that its her choice to stay alive or not. She tries to think about it thoroughly. She thinks about the good and bad times in her life. Mia finds it extremely difficult to make a decision, and she doesn't exactly know how to make it either.
Rising action
Mia is in the hospital, and she starts thinking about all of her friends.

She thinks about how one of her best friends, Kim, used to be her enemy. She thinks about all the fights they've had, and also the time when they became friends.
She thinks about when they were in grade school, and they tried to fight each other on the playground, and when they got in a fight while playing volleyball in gym.
Mia is the main character of the story. She lives in Oregon
with her mom, dad, and brother,Teddy. Mia starts out with an overall good life and plans for the future. Mia
and her boyfriend, Adam,
are both interested in
music. Mia plays the Cello.

"Falling action and Resolution"
The ending of this story is sort of a cliffhanger. It is not 100% clear whether Mia stays alive or not. This is because there is a sequel to the book, so there is no falling action or resolution.
Book 2
Book two will tell the story after what
happened in the first book.
If I stay

Gayle Forman
side note:
while Mia is in the
hospital, she can see
herself laying in the
hospital bed, but she
is sort of like a
"ghost." She can see
and hear everything that
goes on, but her "ghost"
is not seen by others, and
she can't feel anything.
Mia and her family get into a car crash.
Mia has flashbacks and thinks about the past
and tries to think about the decision she is going
to make.
Rising Action

While Mia is in the hospital, she is thinking about
good times and bad times. She remembers all the time she spent with Adam; going to concerts, taking Teddy trick-or-treating, hanging out with him at Mia and her family's barbeque. But she also thinks about the fights she's been in with him.
She remembers the time she spent with her friends (including fights). Fights with Kim, and going to movies with Kim, etc. Mia also thinks about her parents.
She wants to stay, but she doesn't want to be without her parents, or Teddy, who died in the car crash. But, she doesn't want to leave Adam or her friends. She doesn't want Adam to be alone, and she knows that Adam wants her to stay.
Mia finds out her parents and her brother died.
Mia listens to the conversations her friends have when they come to visit her. Adam came in and told her how much he wants her to stay alive.
Kim also came in with Adam. She told Mia how much she also
wanted her to stay. They told her how different their lives would be
without her.
rising action
Mia tries to escape the hospital. A bunch of nurses come in. Mia tries to calm down.
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