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Three Parent Babies

Are We Playing God

Tom Houston

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Three Parent Babies

Three Parent Babies
The argument for three parent babies is that by going ahead with the program, we are saving lives before they have begun meaning that we are doing good. Advocates say that around 2,500 women will benefit from the donations, equating to around 150 births per year.
by Tom Houston and Ajai Gill
In this image an embryo is transferred from the mothers egg, with unhealthy mitochondria to the donors egg which has healthy mitochondria this means that only 0.1% of the donors DNA is a permanent change that will be passed down through generations.
In this image, the mothers nucleus is transferred into the donors egg and and is placed back into the mother so that the egg can be fertilised by the sperm.
Three parent babies are children that have the genes of three people, two parents and a donor, which means that if the mother has unhealthy mitochondria, then she can use the egg of the donor with healthy mitochondria.
Many people think that we are going to far in this experiment, and attack the ethics of the subject by saying that we are playing God. Also research has discovered that three parent babies could lead to cancer and that the Members of Parliament could be making a 'Historic Mistake'.
There are many charities that raise money for research on mitochondrial disease. Mito action aims to:
Improve the quality of life for people affected by mito.
Raise awareness for people with mito.
Provide patients with practical materials so they can manage their symptoms.
Sharon Bernardi, lost seven children to mitochondrial disease.
Her first three children died within the first hours of their lives but the fourth child lived to 21 and was diagnosed with mito at 4.
She gave up trying to have a child in 2000.
Three parent babies would mean that she might be able to have a child.
the mitochondria are the parts of the cell that convert the glucose into enrgy

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