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Searching For Summer

No description

Claudia Gomez

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Searching For Summer

Presentation By Claudia Gomez Searching For Summer by Joan Aiken What does the sun mean to you ? There are many things in life that we assume will always be there. Like air and water.. But what if they disappeared? It seems we don't appreciate things till they're gone or scarce...
How would you feel if you could not see the sun every day or every other day? How can someone or something take away the sun if the sun is what shines upon our symbolic selves and makes us visible to the world.
Many people feel the sun represents things to them that cannot be taken away.
The sun symbolizes life, power, strength, energy, force, and clarity. Searching For Summer
By Joan Aiken
(Summary) Setting This story takes place in a gloomy setting where the clouds never lift and the sun never comes up.
This is another description for what scientists now call "nuclear winter". Characters
Tom and Lily: Newly Weds
Mr.Noakes: greedy, weird guy
Mr. AND Mrs. Hatching
William: deaf son of Mr./Mrs. Hatching
Aunt Nancy
Uncle Arthur Theme The theme of the short story "Searching for summer" is that people usually do not notice all of the good things in their lives until they are lost.
Another possible theme is we should protect what's important to us.
These themes contribute to the story because the two main characters (Tom and Lily) lead the greedy man (Mr.Noakes) away from the sun since he only wants to make money off of the most valuable and rare thing they have. He wanted to turn the woods into some resort. Point of View The point of view in this short story is third person. The author is not using any personal pronouns or speaking directly to the reader. However, the author is making the story unfold as an outsider. There are two types of third person: omniscient and limited. It is not limited because the author is describing more than one person's actions and dialogue. This story involves a society in which the sun rarely comes out due to a nuclear bomb. A couple wants to spend their honeymoon searching for the sun, since it does appear in infrequent places. They drive out to look and meet a strange man at a pub. They wind up following a trail and eventually stay at a cottage with an old lady and her son. Which also happens to be where the sun appears. Plot Chart The newly wedded couple depart Aunt Nancy and Uncle Arthur's house to go to their honeymoon.

They go to the pub and talk to Mr.Noakes who advises them that if they want to leave Mrs. Hatching's bag they have to go into the woods where she lives.

They find the cottage and give her her bag and then stay there for a couple of nights and they finally see the sun. Which was the whole purpose of the honeymoon.

They say their goodbyes and are on their way back home. Lily realizes she forgot her wedding dress.

Lily and Tom run into Mr.Noakes on their way back and tell him the sun is the opposite way of where they came from but he doesn't know that. They had to lie because if not otherwise, he would try to make money out of the sun in the woods. Plot Exposition

Rising Action


Falling Action

Resolution Tom and Lily are the dynamic characters . They undergo some sort of change throughout the story.
William is a minor character as well as Aunt Nancy and Uncle Arthur since they don't really say or do much. THE END!!
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