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Copy of Types of Governments

The different types of governments used around the world and throughout history

Tim Moe

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Types of Governments

Based on Who Rules MONARCHY Authority is handed down
within a ruling family. King or Queen Some monarchs have great power! Others are more of a
tradition and hold little
or no power. a single ruler with
absolute control Usually very cruel
and the people suffer
They have little or no
liberties Oligarchy rule by a small elite group Democracy Rule by the people Our republic has
democratic principles A Republic elects representatives
to make decisions for the people Governments based on Division of Power Unitary a government with a single unit Confedration a loose alliance
of states Ex- Articles of Confederation Federal System two levels of government
Supreme national and a state Other styles Parliamentary leader's party controls the legislature
and the cabinet is made up of members of the
leaders party Presidential leader is directly
elected by the people Ex. - USA Ex. - England Ex. - England Leader is called the Prime Minster King Abdullah
Saudi Arabia Queen Elizabeth II
of England Dictatorship
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