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Positive Thinking :)

No description

Ameesha Sharif

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Positive Thinking :)

Positive Thinking
create opportunities
expect good things to happen
missed opportunities
expect only more bad things to happen
(Forbeswomen, 2012)
What is Positive Thinking???
What it is :
ignoring/denying negative feelings
wrong to have a bad day/mood/feelings
pretending to be happy
denying that there are problems
(Samy, 2013)
What it actually is :
making the most out of situations
seeing the best in others
viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light
(Cherry, 2014)
Benefits of Positive-thinking
Impacts of Negative-thinking
Tips on HOW to think positively
use your imagination
beneficial, happy thoughts
use positive words
(Sasson, 2013)
In conclusion...
Thank You!
the way you choose to think will have an impact on your life
+ thinking brings many benefits
Benefits of Positive Thinking
Impacts of Negative thinking
higher motivation to strive for excellence
cope with stress effectively
better immunity
better health
increased lifespan
lower rates of depression
lower levels of distress
(Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2014)
(Cherry, 2014)
feeling down
physical effects
lose opportunities
others around you
results in losses
(Can You Tell Me More About The Effects Of Negative Thinking, 2013)
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