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CATCH Annotating

No description

Kristen Stauch

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of CATCH Annotating

CATCH Annotating
What is annotating?
According to Merriam-Webster.com, annotating is the process of making critical or explanatory notes for a literary work.
The "
ATCH" Method
ircle unfamiliar words
1st read, use context clues to help determine meaning
Afterward, define the term with a dictionary
The "C
TCH" Method
cknowledge confusion:
Underline sentences that are confusing, and write your question, or what’s confusing about it in the margin
Use brackets { } around a paragraph that is difficult to comprehend
The "CA
CH" Method
Talk with the text:
Make comments
Observations about a character, or the author
Connections to novels/your life/real world
Write your reactions/draw symbols to show how you feel
Author’s claims
Choose quotes that stands out to you (Write why in the margin)
" Method
ighlight important details:
Any stand out facts or evidence
Don't highlight all the evidence you find
Why do readers annotate?
Annotating a text helps readers:
Find meaning or ideas of value
Interact and connect to a text
Work through challenging texts
Stay focused

How do readers annotate?
Use highlighters
Write in the margins
Use symbols in the text and/or margins
The "CAT
H" Method
Capture the main idea:
Can be one in a paragraph, section, or under a subheading
"CATCH" Annotating
strategy created
by Erin Bach
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