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Organic vs. Industrial Foods

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Andrew Obonyo

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Organic vs. Industrial Foods

Organic vs. Industrial Foods Choices that make or break Organic vs. Industrial Foods Organic foods are defined as foods that restrict use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics (Hall, M. 2013 pp.1-6) Organic Foods Industrial Foods If your pocket allows you to eat organic foods, always ensure that when you eat, you eat a balanced diet. Avoid eating unhealthy, make sure your diet has all the necessary nutrients needed by your body. In every meal, have your carbohydrates, proteins and most importantly vitamins. Exercise at least three times a week and get enough rest. Not everyone can afford organic foods but that doesn't mean that one will be unhealthy. Choose your foods in the right way. Just like organic foods, make sure that your meal is filled with all the necessary nutrients. Cook more instead of eating out, substitute processed foods with more natural foods. For example instead of eating a protein bar, why not have a fruit, avoid fatty foods, try to cook wit olive oil or better still no oil at all. Get enough exercise and rest. Organic Foods For foods to be named organic, they need to have been approved by the USDA. Industrial Foods Why fight for Organic foods over Industrial foods? In as much as organic foods are expensive but they are the best choice. Organizations are coming up that want to stop the making of industrial foods. Advantages and Disadvantages Organic foods are healthier but unfortunately they are expensive and most people cannot afford. Eating Healthy At the end of it all we know that not everyone can afford to buy organic foods but we can choose to eat healthy either way. If eating organic foods is too expensive then one can make healthy choices when eating industrial foods. How many times have we seen people become obese, get diabetes etc from eating organic foods? I would say many times. People can be healthy by choosing the right foods be it industrial or organic. So how can one do this?

THE CHOICE IS YOURS.... Industrial foods are defined as food modified for factory farming, factory processing, mass distribution or mass marketing. Foods that have been changed to satisfy the demands of the consumers. http://thespartandiet.blogspot.com/2011/04/what-is-industrial-food-and-why-is-it.html The ingredients in an organic product need to be at least 70% organic for it to be called organic Organic foods are healthier and better for human consumption. Organic foods must be grown in safe soil; they should not be modified and must be put separately from other products They should be grown naturally with all natural products, for example the fertilizer should be all natural and have no chemicals. Industrial foods are modified foods that are not in their natural state. Industrial foods are foods that are mass produced to meet consumers' needs. These foods are grown with the help of growth hormones, so that they can grow faster than natural, to meet the demands of the growing population. Industrial foods are said to be unhealthy but are cheaper and affordable Organic foods take longer to grow because they grow naturally thus making them expensive. Industrial foods are readily available, they grow faster and thus making it affordable. Organic foods do not pollute the environment because everything used to grow them is natural. Food that has been industrially produced is unhealthy, causes a range of diseases, does not taste good and very unlikely will you find it in its natural state. Industrial foods according to the film Food Inc. can be made from even just one ingredient. Corn is usually the primary ingredient in most foods. Corn is cheap and easily grown, thus you will find it in everything, ketchup, jam, cookies even in cow feed. It will be genetically modified to fit the need at that time, thus making these foods unhealthy as they are not in their natural state.
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