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The Desert Biome

My Prezi on the Desert for Science class. I hope you like it Miss Walker!

Joshua Baldwin

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Desert Biome

The Desert by Joshua Baldwin The desert fills about 1 fifth of the world The desert is located around California, Northern Africa, and Australia and many more places. Abiotic Factors
of the desert are: Water, sand, sunlight, air, and temperature.
A few plants in the desert are:

Joshua Trees
Short Grasses Some animals in the desert are:

Desert Tortoises
Camels Some animal adaptions are:

They stay in shadow of plants and rocks to stay cool
Some find shelter by burrowing into the ground, which also keeps them cool
They stay inactive while daytime and hunt while night Average Temperature:
64 degrees

Average Precipitation:
Less than 10 inches!
Some plant adaptions are: Some plant adaptions are:

Some plants have long taproots that go deeper enough into the ground to find groundwater sources
Some plants have horizontal root systems that lay right below the ground. So when it rains, the tiny roots capture the water Symbiosis Mutualism: Mongoose and Bill Birds.
Each of the birds search for food on the ground. Each time one is searching the other is guarding them and vice-versa. Parasitism: Kangaroo Rat and Flea
The flea goes onto the Kangaroo Rat and sucks its blood.

Commensalism: Microbe and a cactus
The microbe absorbs water for the cactus since the cactus doesn't have many roots. If it weren't for the microbe, the cactus would die. Kangaroo Rat Gila Monster Prarie Dog Endangered Species Kangaroo Rat Gila Monster Prarie Dog Kangaroo Rat Prairie Dog Gila Monster What to Wear/Bring to the Desert Clothes:

Short Sleeved Shirt
Hiking Boots
Shorts Other Things:

Mobile Phones
Plastic Bags Threats to the Desert: Hot Temperature Causes Wild-Fires
which Burns Plants Off Road Vehicles, When Used Irresponsibly
Can Harm Animal Habitats Oil and Gas Disrupts
Sensitive Habitats Sun-Block, Chapstick
Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes, Eye Drops Why to Come to the Desert




Free Camel Rides!

Why is the Desert Globally Important? Some Animals can only survive
in hot weather, so with out the
desert, animals wouldn't find a
good habitat Special Thanks To:

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