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Pride and Prejudice

No description

Lydia Miriam

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Do you act like this around your special lady?
Idea 1
Have you ever felt as if you have no idea what a woman is thinking?
But wait! You have to make yourself look presentable for your lady too!
Have you ever wished for or searched for a way to understand women better?
Well we have the answer to your problem.
Don't worry we'll explain everything.
In Pride and Prejudice we take a look at the point of view from a woman.
Though not just any woman, but Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet, the main character , is closely related to how women act and feel today. The author goes into Elizabeth's thoughts and emotions and displays them clearly to the reader.
or this?
or maybe even this?
Just pick up a copy of...
You may be asking yourself: Why read this book? Wouldn't it be easier and more enjoyable to read a book from two years ago and not two-hundred? Besides, don't those more currently released books also show how modern women think and feel?
Learn to act like Mr. Bingley and treat your lady like she truly deserves.
Follow the tips in the Pride and Prejudice and your lady will be like...
What's that? You don't understand half the words?
Yes, Pride and Prejudice was written 200 years ago, but we still read it today. Do you know what that says?
Recognize that?
It's the dictionary app.
Let it be your companion in
the journey of Jane Austen's novel!
Not convinced?
Don't take it from us,
take a look at these testimonies!
Seriously, head down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy TODAY!
Now gentlemen, read this book
and you too can learn to charm
Keira Knightley or any lady of your

warning: results may vary.
For your viewing pleasure:
Buy it now for as little as $5.04!
It says that it's depiction of things are still accurate. What about that book published two years ago? In about sixty it might be completely out of date.Then what? Then sixty years from now you'd be out of luck. Not with Pride and Prejudice though, at seventy something you'd still be a hit with the ladies.
What if the woman I'm interested in isn't what you would call modern or average?
Because you still have characters like:
Jane Bennet
Charlotte Lucas
Kitty Bennet
Caroline Bingley
Mary Bennet
Lydia Bennet
Lady Catherine
Who Perfectly display all kinds of different girls.
By reading Pride and Prejudice
You can go from getting this
To this
Get a suit that's tailored and fitted or just simply dress in clean clothes!
You have to make yourself look charming! Just like Mr. Darcy! But unlike him...
...Make sure you watch your manners too!
open doors for them
don't get too close or too intimate!
but don't blow them off either!
and watch your mouth!
Thank you for watching!
NOW you may go pick up your own copy at your local bookstore!
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