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Ross, C3, Thanksgiving

No description

Agassi Student

on 6 March 2016

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Transcript of Ross, C3, Thanksgiving

Ross, C3, Thanksgiving
This is what china weared on thanksgiving.
also we celebrate it in diffrent countrys.
What the china did for thanksgiving.
The people who were in china had a festable which had a really big chubby turky coming.
The reason why the celebration was celebrated was so people could care about their country and their life.China was celebrated on Thursday November 26.
What they wore
compare and contrast
I can compare and contrast my country with the country i chose by saying we have diffrent flags.
Another reason i can compare and contrast is to say that we can celebrate thanksgiving on diffent days or even mouths.So i am going to show you a vidio of china and my country having a thanksgiving dinner on diffrent days or mouths.
Here is the vidio i said i was going to show you.
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