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Critiques of Classical Theory

No description

Lindsey Beach

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Critiques of Classical Theory


Power comes from ownership

Structural contradictions = conflict

Alienation through exploitation

Human Behavior
1. Free will, 2. Hedonism, 3. Rationality

Social Context
1. Rights are protected
2. Everyone enters the social contract

Enforcement -

Central Conflict
Rights of individuals
- verses -
A state's obligation
to exercise social control
Criminology, Week 1
The Classic

Law protects the powerful/wealthy and further suppresses workers

Law legitimizes capitalistic systems

Law maintains the status quo

Old School
(18th Century Europe)

Classic School
Ex-post facto legislation

Cruel & unusual punishment

Innocent until proven guilty
Written and accessible criminal law
Arbitrarily enforced rules (high levels of discretion)
Law is applied equally to all people
(classical reforms will only achieve justice once society is equal)
Marxism & Crime
Legal Financial Obligations
Too Big to Jail
- class inequality

- gender inequality

Critical Race Theory
racial/ethnic inequality

On your index card tell me...

1. Your 'UW' name

2. Your preferred name (or pronunciation)

3. One current crime-related issue that interests you

4. One thing you hope to take away from this class
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