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Pandora's Influence on Society

No description

Adali Ramos

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Pandora's Influence on Society

Pandora's Influence on Society
Pandora's Meaning
Pandora was the first woman created from all the Gods and Goddesses. They each gave her unique characteristics. Pandora opened a jar (Pandora's box) and accidentally released all the evil into the world out of curiosity. What was left of that unfortunate accident was hope after she closed the box.
Pandora's Symbolization
Pandora's name symbolizes the all- giving or all-gifted.
Impact on Society
Pandora has left quite an impact on society with gifts. Such as going to a gift shop and buying a charm for a charm bracelet that you could give to a friend. Pandora's story would represent the bracelet itself, while as the charms added to that bracelet would be the unique gifts Pandora received from the Gods as well as hope.
Created by: Alejandra Martinez, Kevin Alvarez, Alexandrea Spencir, and Adali Ramos- Jacobo

3rd Period
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