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Group 73 School Food System Model

No description

Lisa L

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Group 73 School Food System Model

University Hill Secondary School Food System
School Food Systems are Created Through Discussion and Exploring Possibilities
From our initial visit to University Hill Secondary School and our discussion with Nimi Sandhu, a UHS school teacher, our group discovered that there have been discussions about building on the current school food system.

Some of these items discussed were
-Edible wall
-Green house
-Rooftop garden
-Reestablishing a relationship with the UBC Farm
Vancouver School Board and University of British Columbia Goals for University Hill Secondary School
What is Needed to Build a Greater School Food System
Summary & Conclusion
University Hill Secondary School Boundaries
Food System Boundaries
The decision makers
The Vancouver School Board
The Board of School Trustees
Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent
Staff and Teachers
The University of British Columbia
The Community
Students and Parent
UBC Farm
Image taken by Christine Bowden
School population includes
Approximately 800 students
Teachers and Administration
Image taken from google maps
University Hill Secondary School Grounds
Cafeteria contracted to Canuel Caterers
Offers salads, burgers and breakfast items offered
Large lunch room area with plenty of seating areas in the hallways and outside
Many stations in the hallways with sinks, microwaves and recycling
Filtered water fountains
Some recycling stations
Large home economics classroom
Homemade lunches
Off school grounds food system
Save on Foods and Wesbrook Village
Images taken by Christine Bowden
From the school website and our discussion with Nimi Sandhu our group learned that UHS school places a large emphasis on academia and sports. A plan in discussion is for UHS school to be a school of choice for prospective Olympians and other sport recruitment.
An ecological food system in the school would benefit these current school goals.
Images taken from Christine Bowden
Location of school:
3228 Ross Drive
At the University of British Columbia
Between 16th Avenue West and Berton Avenue
This school is a newly built facility with much potential, and interest in developing a food system.
Possible location for a rooftop garden
Image taken by Christine Bowden
What is needed
The Vancouver School Board
Approval and importance of a school food system in our public school curriculum
Encouragement and reinforcement in students food education
The University of British Columbia
To provide or allow for an outdoor space for gardens and compost
Staff and teachers
Inspire students to be proactive in a healthy and ecological food system
Community input
Working with UBC Farm to develop knowledge of a sustainable food system
Use of parents' knowledge and experience of food management
Student involvement with food
Education and hands on experiences growing, cooking, and waste management of food.
Image created by LFS Group 73
Save-on Foods Patio
Input Needed From:
Details of Input:
How University Hill Secondary School Benefits
Output for stakeholders
Vancouver School Board
Ensures children from low-income families have availability to nutritious foods.
Creates food citizenship among students and school community
Enriched food program that compliments school academic and athletic goals
Students are better with healthy meals are better equipped for learning.
Engages students in academic subjects such and science, health, and math.



Output for Community
Decision makers
BC Ministry of Education
Logo for the government of British Columbia (taken from http://www2.gov.bc.ca/)
Sets Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in British Columbia's Schools
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