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Renewal 2.0



on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Renewal 2.0

Clerk of the Privy Council Annual Report to the PM Workplace Renewal Adopting Web 2.0 technologies such as wikis can help us to improve the productivity of our workplaces
... the reality is that newer public servants expect an enabling workplace.
Enabling people and being more open to new ideas and approaches will be necessary if we are to truly unleash excellence.
A community of public servants 17th report Web 2.0 RSS
(Social) networking
Publishing Participative enhances “ ” Q: What does this have to do with my job? A: Do you ever:
network? GCForums
Wiki talk page
Blog comments Co-author wiki page
Ask a question on GCForums Ask a question on GCForums
Talk page of wiki
Comment on blog Co-author document on wiki
Minutes of meetings GCConnex
Agility Communication Collaboration Network on LinkedIn, GCConnex, Twitter
Support at highest level of public service You can be... A more efficient public servant Examples GCPEDIA
STCwiki GCForums Renewal 2.0 Thanks Links Sage Cram, HLTH/SANTÉ
Judy Maclean, CSD/DSEC
Nick Charney http://www.cpsrenewal.ca
Brian Alkerton
The rest of the #w2p community
StatCan Young Professionals Network
SYPN on STCWiki http://stcwiki/en.stcwiki/index.php?title=StatCan_Young_Professionals_Network



GCForums http://www.brianalkerton.com http://gcpedia.gc.ca http://gcconnex.ca http://i.g20.ca/gcforums
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