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The Regional Warm Line

Presentation on the history and mission of the Regional Warm Line, as well as the program and services it offers.

Shana Calixte

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of The Regional Warm Line

The Warm Line
Started in 2000 in Sudbury, run by the CMHA
Operated by workers with lived experience of mental illness, who were trained in
active and empathetic listening
general mental health and addictions information
suicide intervention training
WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Two workers on each night, 4 hours each night
In 2011, the Local Health Integration Network requested that we move the service into 4 other districts: Parry Sound, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins.
Three workers on each night, 6pm to midnight.
Service would rotate throughout the region nightly, but all workers would have training and resources for all areas of the NE.
The Regional Warm Line
takes in 500 calls per month
focusing on everything from loneliness, anxiety and stress, financial issues, relationship issues and general wellness.
It can also range to suicide and crisis calls and those are forwarded to the appropriate services (such as Crisis in each city or 911).
most importantly, it allows workers to provide useful and knowledgeable peer support to those and by those who have been there.
A listening ear for
consumers, their family and friends in the North East
The Regional Warm Line
The Warm Line
provide opportunities for PWLE to gain work experience and enhance skills in a supportive environment
provide pre-crisis telephone support to assist people in a situation before a crisis results
Peer Support Model - peers empowering peers
eases the burden of other mental health support services, most specifically crisis lines and emergency departments
Divested to NISA in 2011
Regionalizing the Warm Line
NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action
established in 1997, run by and for consumers of mental health services
created to reanimate consumers, to offer them meaningful and useful activities or occupations, and to provide a setting for active social recovery rather than passive dependence on community services
offers programs and services that foster occupational skills, creative engagements, mental health recovery resources and peer support
employs 15 daytime staff, and 16 nighttime staff
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