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ADN, large presentation of CE

Carlos Sánchez Caballero

on 15 April 2016

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Who we are!
What we offer?
How we WORK?
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Carisma Events
By Carlos Sánchez Caballero
President of Global Accounts

Establish highly qualified “Responsibility and Sustainability In-Market” CE Directors as “Event Planners Advisors” in every major international gateway region and to ensure CE customer’s gain best pricing/resources within each region globally.


“Be the reference partner for all organizations that want to add value through their events with responsible, sustainable actions and a positive impact on society”

"Carisma Events is a sparkle organization. It's an invisible energy with visible effects"

A communication strategy for our client is designed based on their needs and goals. In this way, we obtain a transparent image of the project that allows us to find the best possible solution, the most added value, and optimal results.

We select the best site and most suitable providers worldwide for our client’s events

We coordinate the event from start to finish, advising our client all the way.

Fundraising events:

At Carisma Events, we are passionate about what we do. When our activities have a positive impact on society, it is even better.

Charitable activities may include renovating a school, reforesting, or collecting medication and food supplies for underprivileged communities. These activities give a lot back to the company, engaging employees and creating a sense of pride in the brand, while enhancing its external image.

Carisma Events is here to assist you in achieving your fundraising marketing objectives by creating an innovative communication campaign for the EVENT on and off line.

How can we help with a fundraising event?

A fundraising event requires excellent planning, while contacts on the ground are a prerequisite in order to link up with local authorities from the outset. In addition, follow-up activities are crucial to keeping up the momentum and ensuring that the work done at the event continues to make a difference with donors and benefactors.

Our professional, experienced team will work closely with you to manage the production process, ensuring that all aspects of the guest experience, brand and technical delivery work perfectly to support your desired message.
Tax rebate

Carisma Events also manages the tax and certification process linked to fundraising and charitable events. In most countries, charitable donations are deductible and subject to significant tax relief. The deductible amount will depend on the country of origin. For example, in Spain, for legal entities, the tax rebate applies to 35 percent of the donation.


We work daily to provide our clients with completely personalized consultancy that is adapted to their needs and expectations. We enjoy being an integral part of our client’s team and going beyond what’s expected of us.

Our involvement and our experience along with a positive attitude, have allowed us to always offer the best of ourselves while growing and evolving together with our clients, always with maximum professionalism and transparency in all of our activities in the best places all over the world.

"Carisma Events is a Communications and Fundraising Agency specialized in the organization of all types of events and incentive trips"


Carlos S. Caballero, President of Global Accounts:
Founder with more than 20 years of professional experience in the tourism and marketing industries. He believes in continuous education, helping others and quality management.

Mitch Davies, Director of Global Accounts:
Associate with 5 years professional experience in tourism, events and marketing for Nongovernmental Organizations. He is solutions focused and always moving through life with a positive attitude.

Irene Pascuas, Director of Global Accounts:
Associate with extensive professional experience in the tourism and fashion industry. She believes that creativity within a business project is a must have in our industry.
fairs and expos
product launches

VIP wedding organization Housing
organization assistance in cultural festivals (Grec), musical events and festivals (Sonar, Eurovision), fashion shows (080 BCN, Cibeles MAD, Fashion Week Milan, London, NYC, Paris), sports events (FIBA Basketball, FIFA Football) and social festival (Circuit)


A team of professionals creates personalized incentive trips for our clients with their extensive experience in all destinations.

Design of exclusive programs

Detailed budgets with different options that can adapt to our clients’ specific needs


Through fundraising and communication in events, we help our clients to realize actions of solidarity based on basic human, social, and environmental rights that bring with them a 2% annual donation to NGOs.

We handle the complete interaction between client and suppliers, the integral quality of our services and the complete involvement to help our clients communicate their events, providing professional support in all client actions always maintaining our goals of saving our clients time and money.


Our most basic skill is creativity and we apply it, giving ideas that strengthen the existing brand through the active correlation of the main company activity that our clients are concerned with.
Conference & Housing Management / Other Services

Audiovisual production and coordination
Coordinating Destination Management Details
Food & Beverage Coordination
Creativity, development, design, planning and management of activities
Artistic production, entertainment and sports tickets
Decoration, Scene, atrezzo and theme ambiance
Official guides, multilingual assistants and translators
Selection of the most adequate restaurants and facilities for lunches and dinners
Welcome and souvenir gifts
Provision of hospitality personnel for commencement registration and information
Pre and post convention meeting with the hotels and providers
Arranging Speakers
Exhibit Management
Onsite Audits / Accurate Reporting
Site Selection & Contract Negotiation

Single Point of Contact
Inspection visits of the site
A complete analysis of the project activities
Qualified team of negotiators
Worldwide Representation
Extensive Product Knowledge

By leading negotiations and providing client consultancy for supplier contracts, Carisma Events ensures the best contract conditions and client opportunities in an efficient productive manner.

Constantly at our customers disposal, it is as if we were their own personal assistant who is always saving clients time and money.

Measurable results are provided of all of the activities before, during and after the events.
Contact us with your enquiry:

(34) 93 469 81 73

A Carisma Event Director will come back to you
within 24 hours
Detail Briefing presentation
within 7 days
, face to face, anytime / anywhere
Briefing: Event, Agenda, Quotation and ROI

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